Giving Tuesday in Lawrence, KS


Health Care Access joining #GivingTuesday movement

Health Care Access has joined #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and ...

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Using a weight-loss app? Study of millennials says it doesn't help much

Young American adults own smartphones at a higher rate than any other age group. Researchers from Duke University wanted to see if capitalizing on that smartphone usage with a low-cost weight-loss app might help the 35 percent of young adults in the U.S. who are overweight or obese. If you're rooting for smartphones to solve all our health problems, you're not going to like what the researchers found.

Double Take: Cutting off dissenting opinions weakens your argument

Perhaps our nation's college students could take a step back, consider the sanctity of free speech, and then continue to exercise it responsibly and with respect for one another. If they can pull that off, maybe the rest of us will follow suit.

Use holidays to track health history

Maybe you know that your mother had diabetes late in life, or that your father died in his sleep, presumably because of a silent heart attack or stroke. But how about the rest of your family health history? How much do you know? The winter holidays offer a chance to start gathering some of that information.

Experts foresee big premium increases for Medicare drug plan

With time running out on open enrollment season, many seniors are facing sharply higher premiums for Medicare's popular prescription drug program. The reason: rising drug costs have overtaken a long stretch of stable premiums.

Runners on Mass Street in Lawrence KS


Kansas Half Marathon race raises record amount

Health Care Access has announced that the Kansas Half Marathon was able to raise a net amount of $66,382.50 for the clinic making this the ...

Both Kansas Cities raise age to buy tobacco products to 21

Young Kansas City smokers will have to drive a bit farther to buy their cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vapor products under an ordinance that's getting widespread support in the metropolitan area.

Holiday Homes Tour - Sunday, December 6th in Lawrence, KS.


Holiday Homes Tour tickets now available

The Holiday Homes Tour will be on Sunday, Dec. 6, and tickets are now available online or at select stores. Six Lawrence-area homes will be ...

LiveWell Lawrence will celebrate its seventh anniversary Nov. 20. One of its priorities is to increase opportunities to be physically active.

LiveWell Lawrence

LiveWell Lawrence to host celebration breakfast Friday

LiveWell Lawrence will mark its seventh anniversary with a celebration breakfast later this month. The celebration will be from 7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Friday, ...

Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center

Bert Nash, Housing Authority receive funding to continue rental assistance program

The Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center and the Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority have received an award of $75,000 from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation ...

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Let loose: Give holiday stress the boot with relaxation, diet, exercise and sleep

The holidays bring lights, trees, gifts and music. And also stress. The American Psychological Association reports that people in the United States experience a range of negative emotions during the holidays, from fatigue to sadness.

Double Take: Student revolution is taking hold

Last week’s events at Mizzou have been referred to as “remarkable” about 1,100 times in the media since then. Whether you agree with the movement, despise it, or remain curious — and there are plenty of people in each category — you cannot ignore it.

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Get smoke out of your life for good

The 40th annual observance of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout on Thursday is a challenge to the 43 million smokers in the United States to stop for at least 24 hours. The ultimate goal, of course, is to get smoke out of our lives for good.

Wyandotte County could lead region in raising legal age for cigarette sales

Supporters of banning the sale of cigarettes to teens and young adults in the Kansas City area may be close to landing their first major coup.

Bill Welch spent years running from his problems before he reached out for help. Now he shares his recovery story to help others.

Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center

Peer support specialist shares his story with others who are working on their own recovery

When Bill Welch interviewed for a job at the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, he discovered a problem. He had applied for the wrong ...

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Only in Lawrence: 'Saint Bud' helped children on Medicaid smile

Patients would often drive for hours to be seen by Dr. Bud Jacobs. For much of his career as a pediatric dentist, Jacobs was one of a select few in northeast Kansas who would treat Medicaid patients, said Dr. Mark Edwards, a longtime friend and colleague. By Conrad Swanson

Pictured is HCA's full time nurse practitioner Elizabeth Graham


National Nurse Practitioner Week — celebrating 50 Years of NP excellence

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have a special reason to celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week, Nov. 8–14. Fifty years ago, at the University of Colorado, the first ...

Medicare to begin covering end-of-life-care planning

Medicare said recently it will pay doctors to help patients plan what kind of care they want at the end of life, an idea more broadly accepted than six years ago when it touched off a political uproar about “death panels.”

Strike back against stroke

Chances are that you probably know someone who has had a stroke. Each year about 795,000 people experience a new or recurrent one. Amy Jarvis, director of critical care at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, stresses how important it is for someone experiencing the symptoms of stroke to get medical help immediately.

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Double Take: Middle schooler wants to explore new relationship

Dr. Wes says the dangers of starting a romance with a best friend are well known, but in the case of a middle-school girl, matters become more unpredictable.

Last two sessions of Skillbuilders scheduled for next two Thursdays

The last two sessions of the Fall 2015 Skillbuilders series will cover cooking and life changes because of loss, divorce or other emotional disruptions.

LiveWell Lawrence to announce grants at community breakfast

LiveWell Lawrence is recognizing its seventh anniversary with its annual celebration breakfast at the Eldridge Hotel.

Invention allows mom-baby contact during C-section

About one-third of births in the United States each year are by cesarean section, and often those moms don't get to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with their babies. That didn't seem fair to registered nurses Kimberly Jarrelle, Deborah Burbic and Jess Niccoli, whose experience in Richmond-area hospital labor-and-delivery units sent them on a quest to do something to change that.

Dr. Steven Dillon, MDVIP

Healthy Body & Mind

Diabetes: Let's Get Serious

Diabetes is a sneaky gremlin. It is a disease that quiet, yet the damage it can leave is astounding. It is preventable and there are ...

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Medicare to cover end-of-life counseling

Medicare said recently it will pay doctors to help patients plan what kind of care they want at the end of life, an idea more broadly accepted than six years ago when it touched off a political uproar about "death panels."

Bert Nash Adult Services Director Amy Warren, left, hugs Eunice Ruttinger, former Adult Services director who retired in September, at the annual Celebrate Bert Nash event Nov. 4 at Maceli's Banquet Hall & Catering.

Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center

Friends, community supporters celebrate Bert Nash Center

Building Hope: Friends and supporters celebrate the life-changing work of the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center. Photo album:

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Get back on track with sleep after disruptions

We may have gained an hour of sleep when daylight saving time ended on Sunday, but we lost it to extra innings in the Kansas City Royals’ World Series victory. Parents may notice cranky children this week after some major disruptions in sleep schedules.

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Take steps toward eating healthfully

Wednesday is National Eating Healthy Day, sponsored by the American Heart Association. Each year on this day, millions of Americans will pledge to take steps toward living a healthier life. Will you consider joining them?

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Double Take: Pornography discussion should be open and honest — and it should happen sooner than later

The impact of EOC is immense; it isn’t limited to teenage boys; it isn’t just “somebody else’s kids;” and the effects go far beyond those teens who directly consume it, affecting the essential fabric of teen culture.

Daddy Rules: Indulging kids' obsessions has moments of joy — until it's time to shut it down

We often indulge kids' odd obsessions, probably because it feels so good to be around someone having so much fun. I’ll take parenting moments that make me feel like a kid again any day over the other, all too frequent feeling of having my heart ripped out and shown to me right after crossing the finish line of a marathon.