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Slam-dunk snacking: Sate your March Madness appetite with some of these elite treats

It’s basketball tournament time once again. And for many of us, that means watching hoops on television — and perhaps snacking while doing so.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers battling dementia

Relatives of Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers say the Chicago Bears legend has been diagnosed with dementia.

Indulge in a little ‘spring cleaning’ for your body

As you begin the annual spring cleaning of your home and environment, it’s not a bad idea to begin ‘spring cleaning’ your body as well. For many of us, the winter months mean less exposure to sun (low vitamin D), less movement and more consumption of heavier foods.

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Tasty Food Fast - "Flash in a Pan"

When you’re in a rush, forget fast food. K-State Research and Extension — Douglas County is excited to offer a class on delicious, healthy food ...

Food & Nutrition

2017 WALK KANSAS - Still Time to Register!

Welcome to Walk Kansas, a health initiative presented by K-State Research and Extension. Walk Kansas is a team-based program that will inspire you to lead ...

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Understanding the complexity of pain

Pain is complex. We usually think of pain as being simple; for example, you sprain your ankle and now you have pain. It makes sense to assume if you hurt or damage your body, then you will have pain. But what about those times you have pain without a cause?

Experts: less bacon, more nuts

Gorging on bacon, skimping on nuts? These are among food habits that new research links with deaths from heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

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Preventing colorectal cancer

Diet, exercise, weight are key

In 2017, the American Cancer Society predicts the number of deaths in the United States related to colorectal cancer to be approximately 50,260. That would be similar to 51 percent of the entire population of Lawrence passing away from what is often considered one of the most preventable cancers.

Fitbit tracks your steps; now it wants to chart your Zs, too

Fitbit, whose devices encourage people to walk 10,000 steps each day, now wants to put them to sleep as well.

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10 small ways to improve your nutrition

March is annually recognized as National Nutrition Month. Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this month is an opportunity to learn more about the importance of making informed food choices and developing and maintaining healthy eating and physical activity practices.

Healthy Body & Mind

Free Gait Analysis This Saturday!

Is there an injury in my future? Where do I have specific muscle weakness that if addressed will prevent a strain or sprain? Saturday morning, ...

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Tips for taking better care of your feet

Consider your feet as the caregivers of your body. Day after day they accept you for who you are, take pounding after pounding and support all of your efforts. They bend to forces applied by weak muscles and bad form, and they ride along in ill-fitting shoes, flip flops and, sometimes, even naked.

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Keep your heart healthy

Most likely, all of us have been affected at some point in our lives by heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease. If not through a personal experience, then likely by the experience of a friend or loved one.

12.2 million sign up for Obamacare despite its challenges

More than 12.2 million people have signed up for coverage nationwide this year under the Obama-era health care law even with the uncertainty created by President Donald Trump’s vow to repeal and replace it.

LiveWell Lawrence

Grant funds Fit Club at Lawrence High School

Lawrence High School recently started an after-school Fit Club, thanks to a LiveWell Community Wellness Grant through the Douglas County Community Foundation. So far, the ...

It's not too late to get your flu shot

Late last month, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported widespread influenza activity across the state. Locally, the number of active cases in Lawrence and throughout Douglas County is also on the rise.

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6 tips for avoiding winter doldrums

We are almost halfway through winter and even though the predicted weather the rest of this week looks quite spring-like, it is likely that we have probably not seen the last of Old Man Winter. Here are a few tips to help you get through the remainder of the winter season as healthy and happy as possible.

Games, crafts, other activities may safeguard aging brain

Even in your 70s and beyond, simple activities including web-surfing, playing bridge and socializing can stave off mental decline, new research says.

Food & Nutrition

Are You Passionate About Food and Education?

The Extension Master Food Volunteer (MFV) program allows individuals who have a passion for education and teaching to share their knowledge with others. Volunteers provide ...

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LMH unveils Destination Health as guide to healthy future

Over the last several months, a Strategic Planning Task Force made up of representatives from the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, medical staff, management staff and employees has engaged in an intensive strategic planning process known as Destination Health. Last week the LMH Board of Trustees approved a new strategic plan that maps the hospital’s journey to a healthy future over the next three to seven years.

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Running Injuries - Tools to Keep Going!

The race season is almost upon us! For seasoned runners and newcomers alike, now is the time to prepare for those 5K’s and beyond. Most ...

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Virtual Tobacco Workshop set for Lawrence

WorkWell Kansas will sponsor several Virtual Tobacco Workshops across the state from 1-5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21. During the workshop, participants will learn about the ...

RSV — the common cold that isn't

When it begins — the cough, runny nose, and possibly fever — it seems reasonable to think that your child has the common cold to which everyone is prone at this time of year. However, for some children, especially infants, those symptoms can be the early indications of a more serious virus — respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

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Resolution Re-energizers

As many people begin the new year with resolutions for a healthier lifestyle, it is important to remember frequency and intensity matter for seeing results. ...

LiveWell Lawrence

American Public Health Association launches 1 Billion Steps Challenge

To encourage people to walk, the American Public Health Association has launched the 1 Billion Steps Challenge! Through April 9 (the end of National Public ...

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Testing, improving and maintaining your balance

The fear of falling is common as we age. We feel the loss of freedom of movement as our joints become tighter and we need to work harder to maintain strength and balance. How do we balance as we walk and avoid falling? How can we measure the level of our balance skills today? How do we improve our balance when it declines? Physical and occupational therapists work on balance problems and have the tools to help you answer these questions.

Food & Nutrition

Become a Food Master!!!

The K-State Research and Extension Master Food Volunteer program utilizes the expertise of nutritionists, registered dietitians, food scientists and culinary experts to train volunteers in ...

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Pneumonia vaccine an important defense

Each year in the United States, pneumococcal disease kills thousands of adults — giving it the notorious distinction of being one of the top 10 leading causes of death. However, most pneumococcal infections can be prevented through vaccination.

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2017 - Maybe Time For A New Approach to your Health Goals

Resolutions come and go, but changing up your health team may be a game changer. We've all heard about alternatives to Western medicine, but it's ...

LiveWell Lawrence

LiveWell Lawrence coalition sets 2016-17 Policy Platform

LiveWell Lawrence recently announced its 2016-17 Policy Platform priorities. The platform includes a specific goal for each work group to work toward in the coming ...