Lawrence-Douglas County Health Board Meeting

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department will have its monthly board meeting at 5 p.m. Nov. 19 at the Community Health Building, 200 Maine. Among items on agenda: 2013 budget, electronic medical record transition and community health planning. Agenda: Approximate time 1:35 1. Call to order, Paul Liechti. 1 minute 2. Approval of Agenda, Paul Liechti 2 minutes Lawrence-Douglas County Health Board November 19, 2012 5:00 p.m. 3. Approval of minutes of October 15, 2012 meeting, Paul Liechti. 2 minutes 4. Approval of October 2012 monthly financial report, Jennie Henault. 5 minutes 5. Staff Report – Clinic Office Operations, Pat Meyers 15 minutes 6. New Business (action needed). 50 minutes a. Consider recommendations for appointment to the Board, Paul Liechti b. Receive 2011 Enforcement Activities Report, Charlotte Marthaler c. Receive 2012 3rd Quarter Performance Scorecard, Vince Romero d. Consider 2013 Budget, Dan Partridge & Jennie Henault 7. Director’s Report, Dan Partridge. 20 minutes a. Administrative Initiatives, Jennie Henault Insight electronic medical record transition, HR Consultant, Staff transitions b. Community Health Planning, Chris Tilden c. Academic Health Department Draft MOU d. NACCHO Accreditation Support Grant application 8. Adjournment. Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting Dates Board Meeting – December 17, 2012 Future Business 2013 Performance Scorecard


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