Motivation is Hard

I am starting my thrid week of training and have yet to get a full week in. Something always comes up. This past week I returned to my Tuesday Boot Camp workouts at the gym and we did a few puchups as part of the set. Come Wednesday it was hard to do a full set. Friday worked for me and I ended up doing more pushups in one day than I ever have before, 55. My 20 year high school reunion is next month and it would be great to show up looking fabulous. Help me find my motivation!

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jestevens 7 years, 4 months ago

Ughhhhh. I hear you, Kris. I'm in exactly the same boat. Week before last, did the first week. Last week was going flat out -- not enough sleep, way too busy. But I also realize that I doubt it's possible. So, that's my mission tomorrow: to seek out those who have made it (Mark Howarter says he has), and those who are close. We need inspiration!

Ali Edwards 7 years, 4 months ago

It IS hard. HCHC is on week 6, day 1, and I definitely didn't finish the workout. It's killer.

However, we did our progress test last Friday and were pretty surprised how far we've come. Most of us who could barely do 5 pushups in a row before starting this program can now do over 40 in a row!

Even if I don't make it to 100, I think I'm happy.

Kris Adair 7 years, 4 months ago

Thanks! I am loving the change in my arms after just a little work. This week I started with spiderman pushups instead of knee assisted and it rocked me. But I got through 40 after five sets.

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