We're not giving up on 100 pushups!

We aren't we aren't we aren't. Not only have I missed two weeks, but I haven't been checking in with people, either. What kind of inspiration is that????

My only excuse is that I've been subbing for our health reporter, Karrey Britt. She'll be back on Monday, though, so this is a promise: 100 pushups here I come. And so is our group here in the News Center. Schnette Hollins has been checking in regularly, and two weeks ago reported doing 55! Her son, Ivan did 70! My bad for not following up.

To summarize: Heartland Community Health Center threw out the challenge in early May, and several organizations jumped in. That's the way it usually works, isn't it? Lots of enthusiasm at the beginning, and then the crowd peters out. Seems as if a lot of life's challenges end up that way. Well, we're regrouping. And I'll be checking in with our pushup pals later today to provide an update. Or, you can put your update in the comments. You know who you are.

Ali Edwards checked in on Monday when she left this comment on Kris Adair's post (Motivation is hard):

It IS hard. HCHC is on week 6, day 1, and I definitely didn't finish the workout. It's killer.

However, we did our progress test last Friday and were pretty surprised how far we've come. Most of us who could barely do 5 pushups in a row before starting this program can now do over 40 in a row!

Even if I don't make it to 100, I think I'm happy.

There's something about sticking to this goal that's become important. For me at least, it's become symbolic for what we are trying to do in Lawrence: improve the health of this community. And figuring out how to make our streets safer, how to build more bicycle lanes, how to make sure we have access to healthy food, growing more food locally, reducing family violence, creating as trauma-free an environment as possible -- doing all that and more requires much more persistence and stick-to-itivity than a few weeks of workouts to make it to 100 pushups.

Ali also posted this comment to a post on June 2:

The HCHC team is struggling. While we still get together and do push-ups every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the clinic is filled with quiet grumbles instead of excited pep-talks. Instead of the former hopping around, stretching out, we trudge in bleary-eyed saying, "Did you see how many push-ups we have to do today? This sucks."

But here's the thing: we're still doing it. We still gather in the clinic at 8:30 every other day, drop to our stomachs and do push-ups until our arms give out. Yesterday morning, a couple of us had a meeting outside the building so we were unable to do our push-ups with the rest of the group. However, when we got back, three of us went into the conference room and completed that day's training. I know for a fact that if it had only been me doing push-ups, I would have simply skipped that day's training. Before yesterday's training, Jon, sensing our decreased enthusiasm, gave a short talk about the importance of team, of being each others' support, of not letting each other give up.

Sure, these might just be push-ups. This might be a seemingly silly routine that takes about 45 minutes out of our week, but we think it's a lot more than that. We think it's about strengthening our team more than strengthening our muscles. We think it's about building a culture of health, a community actively and honestly interested in well-being. We think that it's about connecting with other people. The truth is, people need other people. However strange it may seem, I love hating push-ups. I love being able to complain about them to my teammates, and I love that my teammates can relate.

We will finish our six-week push-up program, and we will hate it the entire time. By the end, though, our team (and muscles) will be stronger. I think it's worth it.

Says it all, doesn't it? There's team Heartland Health. Team Bert Nash. Team Chiropractic Experience. Team LiveWell Lawrence. Most important -- there's Team Lawrence (all of us plus SAHM Kris Adair....and any other individuals).

Oh -- btw -- I hear through the grapevine that Mark Howarter over at Chiropractic Experience can now do 100 pushups. Perhaps it's time to go over there and capture the feat on video.

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Marilyn Hull 7 years, 3 months ago

The 100 push-ups program moved too fast for me. I got stuck in the middle of Week 3 and couldn't achieve the goal after several attempts.

At that point, summer Dog Days started, and my attention turned to it.

The good news is that I was more ready for push-ups and mountain climbs at Dog Days than I would have been otherwise.

There is a lesson here, I think. If you try something and it just doesn't work for you, don't give up on fitness. Keep trying other things until you find something you can enjoy and stick with.

I can't do all of the exercises Red Dog calls out. But I do what I can, and modify what I can't do. The majority of folks run; I walk.

The bottom line for me is to keep moving while feeling the joy of being alive and healthy.

Ali Edwards 7 years, 3 months ago

Let it be known that the six-week 100 push-up challenge is complete for Heartland Community Health Center!

During our final progress test this morning, Megan Foster did ONE HUNDRED PUSH-UPS IN A ROW!!!! Amazing.

Everyone else did really great too. Lindsay Elliott is complaining about how big her biceps are getting, and I did 45 push-ups, which I'm pretty proud of.

While we are done with push-ups, we'll still gather in the clinic every MWF to engage in some sort of (non-competitive) physical activity. Up next, twohundredsitups.com!

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