Heartland Health completes 100 pushups challenge

Here's the deal. The leaders of this effort have modified the 100 pushups challenge to work for them.

Ali Edwards provided the update for Heartland Health:

Let it be known that the six-week 100 push-up challenge is complete for Heartland Community Health Center!

During our final progress test this morning, Megan Foster did ONE HUNDRED PUSH-UPS IN A ROW!!!! Amazing.

Everyone else did really great too. Lindsay Elliott is complaining about how big her biceps are getting, and I did 45 push-ups, which I'm pretty proud of.

While we are done with pushups, we'll still gather in the clinic every MWF to engage in some sort of (non-competitive) physical activity. Up next, twohundredsitups.com!


From Marilyn Hull:

The 100 pushups program moved too fast for me. I got stuck in the middle of Week 3 and couldn't achieve the goal after several attempts.

At that point, summer Dog Days started, and my attention turned to it.

The good news is that I was more ready for pushups and mountain climbs at Dog Days than I would have been otherwise.

There is a lesson here, I think. If you try something and it just doesn't work for you, don't give up on fitness. Keep trying other things until you find something you can enjoy and stick with.

I can't do all of the exercises Red Dog calls out. But I do what I can, and modify what I can't do. The majority of folks run; I walk.

The bottom line for me is to keep moving while feeling the joy of being alive and healthy.

The only two people in our group at the News Center who didn't get distracted by time-eating projects were Schnette Hollins and her son, Ivan. She's at 55, and determined to keep going. Ivan hit 100!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Ivan!!

So, the rest of us have decided to restart at Week Two and keep going. I just did Week 2, Day One this morning. We're inspired by the rest of you for not giving up, and/or modifying the workout so that it fits you.

We'll be meeting with the Bert Nash crew later this week and will sprinkle inspire dust on them, too.

Everyone else, check in and let us know how you're doing!

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