It's week four, and my arms are tired.

The 100 Push-Up Challenge rages on! For the HCHC crew, it's week four, day two of the six-week training program designed to help people-- weaklings and body-builders alike-- do 100 push-ups in a row. I would be lying if I said it was easy, and I would be lying if I said my cup of coffee didn't feel about 600 times heavier after our work-out today. However, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I look forward to getting to work early, turning up the jams, and doing push-ups until my arms shake and my face turns red.

The 100 Push-Up Challenge has something for everyone. Our muscle mavens did a total of at least 140 push-ups today, and our bicep builders did combined 72 push-ups. When Jon, HCHC CEO, is picking the music, we listen to ACDC. When the ladies of the clinic choose, "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls pumps through the clinic. See? Like I said, something for everyone.

This challenge doesn't say, "If you can't keep up, don't bother." It doesn't say, "This is only for people serious about having bazooka-sized arms." It really is for everyone, and everyone is benefitting.

Below is a list of everyone at HCHC who's participating regularly along with their progress. Keep in mind that the maximum number of push-ups listed were performed only 90 seconds AFTER doing an entire training session. Comparing the initial test with the maximum after a day's workout is admittedly silly, but I think you'll be able to see a trend of improvement. Obviously, those who were able to do 5 push-ups or fewer during the initial test will see much more improvement than someone who could already do 30 in a row. Here are HCHC's results as of today:

Jenny Davidson: Initial test- 5, Today's maximum after training: 18

Karin Denes-Collar, LSCSW: Initial test- self-selected beginner lever, Today's maximum after training: 17

Ali Edwards: Initial test- 5, Today's maximum after training: 20

Lindsay Elliott: Initial test- 38, Today's maximum after training: 36

Megan Foster: Initial test- 30, Today's maximum after training: 36

Brittany Love: Initial test-5, Wednesday's maximum after training (absent today): 18

Natasha Otto, NRCMA: Initial test- 3, Today's maximum after training: 18

Jon Stewart: Initial test-46, Today's maximum after training: 16

Karen Stewart: Initial test-6 Today's maximum after training: 18

Allison Veeder, ARNP: Initial test- 5, Today's maximum after training: 18

Comment with your progress! Remember, as I keep having to remind myself, this isn't a competition. This is about building a healthier community where any sort of physical activity should be smiled upon and encouraged, not one-uped. :) Press on, gravity-beaters. We're in this together.

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Laura Herring 7 years, 4 months ago

I completed Week Three today. As I said when I started, I have a back problem (darn scoliosis) that makes regular push-ups extra difficult so I'm starting on knee push-ups. My initial test was 30, today's maximum after training was 28.

Jon Stewart 7 years, 4 months ago

Wow! Great progress, team.

And now that Ali outed me as having a penchant for the guitar riffs of "Highway to Hell" I'm on a mini-quest for the best exercise beats out there. What tune starts your exercise engine and keeps you revved up during our workouts? Maybe we can hear from other groups too.

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