100 pushups works, but it's hard enough that Heartland's repeating Week 4

According to a comment that Heartland Community Health Center outreach coordinator Ali Edwards posted this week:

HCHC decided to repeat Week 4. It's getting difficult, and none of us can keep up! What week is everyone else on?

Marilyn Hull, program director of LiveWell Lawrence, just posted this afternoon that she finished Week 2, and it's starting to get hard.

Good news: I'm up to 47 push-ups. Bad news: the only way I got through the last 3-4 was by imagining that some chic named Jillian was screaming at me with her face about 2 inches from mine.

The Lied Center answered our call in last week's post:

Megan at the Lied Center answering the "where's the Lied Center" call! Well, I set my baseline at 5, then took a few seconds of rest and was able to muscle through 5 more. I had a baby 5 months ago via C-section and have been experiencing lots of back pain lately, so thought this would be a good challenge to take the additional "200 sit-ups" challenge. WOW-- was that shockingly difficult-- I can't believe how wrecked my core is!! Looks like this challenge is exactly what I need right now! I'll see if I can get the other Lied Center peeps to step up to the plate soon...

We're looking forward to it, Megan. Send photos!

The World Company group is all over the place. We don't work out together, like Heartland does, because we have different schedules, different starting times, and unpredictable days. For some of us, it's affected our motivation, because we don't have regular reminders, like Heartland. To answer the question you posted on last week's wrap-up, Jon Stewart, since we're not doing this together, we don't have any music. Nevertheless, some of us are progressing.

News assistant Schnette Hollins reported doing 40 pushups. That's up 15 from last week. Her son, Ivan, did 60, up from 50 last week. He one-upped his mother and set his final goal at 102 (Schnette had said last week that she'd go for 101.)

LJWorld.com online editor Whitney Mathews finished week No. 1 yesterday. She did 18 on the last set, 4 more than when she began. Her beau, Jake, is postponing his pushup challenge until after the new soccer stadium opens. Their Doberman pinscher, Sarge, watches Whitney while she does her pushups, but he's not happy.

Sarge hates pushups. He stands next to me and cries while I'm doing them. Then he lays down in the spot where I did them while I'm on the rest segments. I assume he thinks if he lays there, I won't be able to do the scary pushups anymore. You'd think a Doberman would advocate something like pushups. They fit his military style.

The slackers: Sad to say that assistant director of media strategies Jonathan Kealing didn't do any of his pushups this week. Neither did I, although in a random test yesterday, I did 30 -- 5 more than last week. That's because I've been attending Body Pump classes at Body Boutique three times a week. Director of marketing strategies Edwin Rothrock started at Week 4, but whined about it being too hard, so may have to go back a week. Designer Ben Spaulding is in Week 3, did only two days out of three and says he needs to get into gear.

At the beginning of the week, SunflowerHorizons.com journo Christine Metz said that she and her fiance, Cody Howard, communications coordinator for the KU School of Engineering, would be participating in the 100 pushups challenge. She can do 20, and Cody can do 30.

My fiance and I are totally going to do the program. We have a wedding to train for!

DeSoto journo Laura Herring completed Week 4 yesterday:

....and maxed out at 44 (164 total) and I'm hurting. Granted, that could be because I did all three days of Week 4 consecutively because I skipped Monday and I'm spending the weekend out of town. This weekend I'll do another initial/endurance test and I'm going to make my boyfriend, Ben, join me this time.

So, how are the other groups doing? Chiropractic Experience? Bert Nash? And is anyone besides Marilyn Hull at Livewell Lawrence doing this???? Chip? Madeline?

And how about Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department? Lisa? Dan? Shouldn't a health department set an example for the community? Just sayin'.

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Kris Adair 7 years, 3 months ago

I started last week by doing a total of 32 on day one. And then the week got busy and I did not make time for it the rest of the week. I am determined to do at least 3 days this week. During day one I was able to do 12 in my first set but only 2 more sets of 10 each. It is hard. But I have a 20 year reunion next month to motivate me.

jestevens 7 years, 3 months ago

Go, Kris! That's great! I did 30 on the test, but after reading the comments on the hundred pushups iPhone app, I decided to start out at 20. I'll do a post tomorrow about how this program works, and how the app is such a motivator compared to doing this through the website.

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