Top 5 stories from the WellCommons community in 2010

Jonathan Kealing recently posted a story about WellCommons’ usage and the most-clicked stories of 2010.

His story piqued my interest. I was curious about which stories by the WellCommons community — not from The News Center — were most viewed.

They are:

5. Welcome to dads of Douglas County’s WellCommons Group (May 17, 2010).

Rich Minder, of Success By 6 Coalition of Douglas County, introduced the community to a support group for fathers called “Dads of Douglas County.” The group sponsored the community’s first weeklong event called Dad Days. It was June 14-19. The story included all of the activities scheduled for the event and how to get involved in the group. Yes! This is what WellCommons is about — a hub for healthy conversation and information.

4. Cancer at 30 (May 25, 2010).

Me and my family.

Me and my family.

In May and June, area residents shared their stories about how cancer had touched their lives, including mine. This was Kara Gourley’s heartfelt story about surviving breast cancer. She also discussed how cancer runs in her family. The stories led up to the annual Relay for Life of Douglas County, which raises money for the American Cancer Society and awareness about cancer. The event was June 11-12 at Free State High School.

3. I was diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma inSitu, otherwise known as LCIS! (June 9, 2010).

Jennifer Haralson

Jennifer Haralson

Jennifer Haralson shared her story about surviving cancer — not once, but twice. I want to thank everyone who shared their stories. These were very moving and eye-opening. Please, provide us with updates on how you are doing through WellCommons.

2. Do you have a wellness goal? (May 24, 2010).

Marilyn Hull, facilitator of LiveWell Lawrence, posed this question to WellCommons readers as part of a contest to win one of 10 $25 gift certificates to Garry Gribble’s Running Sports store. The story received 34 comments and helped sparked a community conversation. We like that!

1. Mario V. Chalmers Foundation, LMH establish first ‘Mario’s Closet’ to help cancer patients (June 23, 2010).

Belinda Rehmer, an LMH communications coordinator, posted the story about former KU basketball standout Mario Chalmer’s $25,000 donation to the hospital. His donation will be used to start a specialty shop for a variety of free or low-cost accessories for cancer patients. It was scheduled to open this winter. Maybe Belinda can provide us an update?

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