November WellCommons traffic report

As I hope you've noticed by now, we rolled out some major changes to WellCommons late last month, and we've got a few more in the works coming soon.

Part of the reason was because of feedback from people like you. But another part of the reason was our dissatisfaction with how little audience and traffic return we saw in a lot of time we invested in WellCommons in October.

So, in November, we tried to focus in on the basics. Generating content, having conversations, driving engagement. I'm happy to report that November was one of the best months for WellCommons so far.

Some statistics:

We had 21,841 visits to WellCommons, up from a previous high of 18,459 in September and 14,737 in October.

We had 44,122 pageviews in November, down from our high of 53,787 in June, but up from September and October.

We had 15,502 visitors in November, our highest month ever, up from 10,443 in October.

Karrey recently wrote a post about the most popular posts in November, which can give you an idea of just what people were reading and talking about.

I look forward to sharing our latest changes with you. We think we're building an awesome community here and we appreciate you taking the time to participate.

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