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We're building a positive, solutions-oriented online community. We need your help to make this as interesting, helpful and thoughtful a community as possible. We have one primary (you might even call it golden) rule:

Treat your fellow users as you want them to treat you.

More specifically though, we think that includes agreeing:

• To refrain from using profanity or language that you wouldn't use in front of your boss or your mom.

• To follow the specific rules of any group of which you are a member. For example, some groups may require all members to use their real name.

• To refrain from using the site for your own commercial gain without the express written permission of The World Company.

• To engage other users in a respectful discussion. Disagreements of opinion are to be expected, but disagreements should be handled respectfully.

• To refrain from violating any copyright, trademarks, patents or other intellectual property restrictions.

• To accept full responsibility for anything that you post. That means, among other things, if it's factually incorrect, you'll do your best to fix it.

• To refrain from taking on the persona of anyone other than yourself.

• To respect others privacy. If they haven't said something publicly, you shouldn't either.

• To use your real name. We realize not all users are comfortable posting on the Internet using their real name, but we think that this Web site will be a safer, more productive place if we all know each other.

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