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We welcome businesses that provide health and wellness products and services to join the conversation on the WellCommons Forum for Community Health Solutions, where a vibrant community is forming around improving our local health.

Participants include consumers, health care providers, fitness fans, community and public policy leaders, nonprofit health organizations, and other people in northeast Kansas who care about improving health in our community. allows for a depth of interaction and participation in the ongoing conversation about wellness that is available nowhere else.

Each of our business members has a dedicated group page where they can provide important information about their products and services, where they deliver pertinent information about their areas of expertise, and where they interact with potential customers and clients.

By becoming a resource to this community, you become a trusted knowledge expert and connect to people in a very personal and direct way. This direct conversation with the community supports the core reasons you started your practice or business - to improve quality of life, to be innovative, to help people, and to make a difference.

At the same time, you help secure your future success by engaging people who view relationship-building in social media as a testament to the quality of your services or products. You reap the benefits of having direct contact with members of the community by being the first to provide the solutions/products/services they say they want.

You will create lasting communication channels that continue to grow and “branch”, allowing each new conversation to reach more people, developing a network of people for whom you are a trusted expert.

Join in the most exciting development in health and wellness, the WellCommons Forum for Community Health Solutions. Contact Alice Brewer today --

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