The first of big changes to WellCommons!

Today, you'll notice a few changes on WellCommons. Based on the feedback we've had from you, we've made groups and participating in groups easier to use.

The basic "ones":

  • One page for all the action. In each group, we've collapsed the "Home", "News" and "Commons" sections into one Home page. And the stream of posts show only headlines, author and date, so that you can see all of the news and information that's posted daily. There's a lot of it!
  • All the posts in one place. All of a group's posts appear on its Home page. Resources posts, which are lists, appear in Home and Resources.
  • Join once. Just join WellCommons, and you can participate in any group.
  • Anybody can post anywhere. Anybody who joins WellCommons can post into any group. You don't have to join a group to post.
  • One-click posting. Want to post? Just click on "New post". If you want to add a list of resources for the Resources page, click on "New Resource page" -- only members of a group can do this.

Speaking of members....what's the difference between a regular user, a member, a contributor and a group administrator under this reorganization?

  • Administrators manage people and content. They also manage the settings for the group pages. They can promote members to be contributors, and they can ban members from posting to the group.
  • Contributors manage content. They can edit and delete any post in the group, and they can feature posts. But their editing powers do not extend to changing posts that have been reposted.
  • Members can post to any group and add a resource page to groups they've joined. That means, if you haven't joined a group, you can't create a resource page.
  • Regular user can post content to any group and comment on a post in any group.

So, why bother joining a group? It allows you to create an identity on WellCommons. Instead of having to join a group just to add a post or comment on a post, you can join only those groups in which you have a strong interest. The posts and comments you make in the groups you've joined will show up on your personal activity feed.

Later, we'll be adding features such as group mailing lists and event listing for a group, which will make it more interesting and useful to join the groups you care about.

In the next couple of months, we'll be making more changes. The home page of WellCommons is getting a'll have many more visuals and be much more dynamic. Down the road, we'll be adding goals apps and topic pages, too.

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Mark Poepsel 7 years, 10 months ago

This is awesome. I think it is so fascinating to watch the site evolve based on input from the people who use it. Crazy, radical idea that the governed and their government are one in the this case in the media landscape.

Can't wait to see what's next.

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