WellCommons is changing, thanks to you and some terrific developers

Since we officially launched our ground-breaking local health site last April, we've been watching how you use WellCommons 1.0, listening to your requests, and making small modifications. In the last few weeks, we've embarked a list of hefty changes to create WellCommons 2.0. The biggest upgrades on the list will take place the week of February 28. But they won't be the final changes. There's no such thing as "final" in the ever-changing digital world.

The changes so far:

  • We made it easier for us to push content to the WellCommons home page, so you're seeing more changes and more posts throughout the day.
  • The posts on the WellCommons home page automatically appear in the list of latest news on the home page of LJWorld.com, so that more of our community sees local health news. Already this has markedly increased our traffic on the site.
  • It's easier to find groups and the latest activity on groups. Go to the groups index page, click on "name" to sort alphabetically from A-Z, and click again to sort from Z-A. Click on "members" and sort from smallest to largest, and largest to smallest. Click on "last activity", and sort from most recent to oldest, and oldest to most recent. In the empty box at the top of the page, start typing the name of the group you want to find (you can type any part of the name), and a list will appear and filter as you type. Cool, eh?
  • To make the site more accessible, people from our LJWorld community who want to dip their toe into the WellCommons water can leave three anonymous comments before we enforce the gotta-use-your-real-name rule.

The week of February 28, we'll launch our biggest changes, which affect the look and function of the site:

  • The WellCommons home page will look very different...it will be cleaner, simpler and display more posts -- more than a dozen at a time -- and it will have more photos and video.
  • All posts that you and we do will appear on the home page. As more content is posted, the posts will work their way down the page.
  • All posts will appear in the latest news feed list on the LJWorld.com home page.
  • So that you can find all the fabulous resources that the community has posted into WellCommons over these last few months, we're grouping resources files from all the groups into a central resources section that can be searched like the groups index page is now.
  • We're starting a new section called Kiddos, for families with young children.
  • A Marketplace widget will provide a searchable list of businesses that provide health-related products and services.

We envision WellCommons 3.0 to include topic pages, a goals application, and an improved events calendar. We're hoping to develop those changes later this year.

Thank you for your continued interest and participation in WellCommons. We're committed to making this a safe place and a trusted source for local health news and information. We couldn't do this without you or our group of developers: Christian Metts, Ben Turner, Ben Spaulding, Nick Lang and James Bennett.

As always, let us know if there's something you want, or something's broken and needs fixing. Just go to the bottom of any page on the site and start typing in the open box that says: "Send us suggestions, bug reports, or just say hi."


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