Thank you for a wonderful couple of years!

Yesterday was my last day at the The World Company. I will be forever grateful to Dolph Simons Jr. and the company for allowing us to create WellCommons, and to you, the community of Lawrence and Douglas County, for being so willing to try something new.

We launched WellCommons 18 months ago, and SunflowerHorizons, our sustainability site, six months ago. I believe that WellCommons is more fabulous than any of us envisioned. And it's because of you, our amazing, dedicated and caring community, that WellCommons is so successful.

At the end of next week, I'll be returning to California to develop a network of local health sites. WellCommons will be a great inspiration for people out there.

My leaving doesn't mean I won't be posting to the site. I will be, in "civilian" mode, and mostly on the ACEs group. While I'm laying the foundation for the local health network, I'll be posting news and information about child trauma prevention and trauma informed care on my site ACEsTooHigh, and will cross-post to the WellCommons ACEs group page.

It's been wonderful getting to know members of the Lawrence and Douglas County community during the last 28 months I've lived and worked here. Thank you for all your interest in and support for WellCommons, and for being such wonderful people.

I'd love to stay in touch -- feel free to contact me through the site, or at

Cheers, Jane

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Ali Edwards 7 years ago

Thanks for all your hard work, Jane. We'll miss you!

Marilyn Hull 7 years ago


Thanks for helping social media illiterates like me find our voices within an online community. I'm sure you worked way too hard for your own good.

The one rule about leaving Kansas is that you are now forever obliged to help coastal folks understand that worthwhile things do happen in the middle of the country.

Please send us all of your good ideas so we can take credit for them :)

AudFullrtn 7 years ago

Thank YOU for a couple of wonderful years! California is lucky to get you back.

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