Life After Loss

Lori McSorley

Have you experienced grief and loss? We welcome your participation in the Life After Loss group which is forming now. Discover you are not alone in your grief experience, share memories of your loved ones, and help others as you help yourself. Life After Loss Group will meet six Wednesdays, ...

A Whole New Perspective...(Starts Now) #1

Rachel Warren In the world of health, the uncertainty of affordable medical care can become a reality for many families. Statistics show that **approximately 14,000 individuals in the Lawrence community currently live below the 200% Federal Poverty Line.** Overall, as a community, Lawrence is a medically under-served area. The reality that ...

Free Cancer Screenings

Michelle Derusseau

With World Cancer Day on Saturday, February 4th it is a good time to let you know that LIVE**STRONG** believes in access to free cancer screenings for everyone. Visit the following link to learn the nearest place to get a free cancer screening or diagnostic services.

Vote today (and only today) for Health Care Access to win a new Toyota!

Jane Stevens UPDATE (final): Unfortunately, Health Care Access didn't win the car. Most of the votes on June 3 when to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. UPDATE: At 11 a.m., Health Care Access is in third place! (See image at the bottom of this post.) Spread the word!! Vote -- ...

Same-day Appointments Available!

Executive Director

Thanks to our additional staff, more same-day (walk-in) appointments are available. Call to get in today 841-5760 for anything from colds and flu to getting control of a chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure. Open til 7:30pm Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Big News

Executive Director

We have officially doubled our capacity starting today with new staff and expanded hours. Call 841-5760 or drop by 330 Maine to make an appointment!

Brainstorming Strategies - People have access to healthcare (mental, physical).

Erika Dvorske

What needs to happen in our community for people of all ages to have access to healthcare in broad terms, including physical, mental? Would you be willing to post your ideas about what strategies in our community help to achieve this? Post here to help brainstorm!

Watch for big announcement Monday January 31...

Executive Director

Watch for big announcement Monday January 31...

Just Food Reaches Out to the Douglas County Community

Carolyn Ward

For at least 1 in 6 residents of Douglas County, hunger is a reality. Through our pantry alone, more than 444,988 pounds of food have been distributed to low-income consumers – serving 1,600 to 2,200 individuals each month. Almost half of those receiving food assistance are children and senior citizens. ...

Primary Care Safety Net Clinic Week

Executive Director

Fewer visits to the doctor

Jane Stevens

That's what Wall Street Journal reporters Aver Johnson, Jonathan D. Rockoff And Anna Wilde Mathews found in an article, ["Americans Cut Back on Visits to Doctor"][1], examining health care usage and costs. > Continued weak demand could eventually > put downward pressure on spiralling > health-care costs, a long-sought goal ...

Health Reform Weekly Email Updates signup

Executive Director

New rules on preventative care

Executive Director

To learn more about Affordable Health Care Act's new rules on preventive care click here:

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