Arizona ACE consortium partners with PBS station to look at link between child trauma and adult chronic disease

Arizona has a statewide ACE consortium that's coordinated by Marcia Stanton, a social worker at the Injury Prevention Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital. In an email, she noted that the consortium is "working to enhance public awareness of the issue of childhood trauma and evidence-based prevention policies and programs."

The consortium has partnered with the local PBS station on programming that looks at the link between child trauma and adult chronic illness. On the station's Strong Kids site you'll find a couple of videos about the effects of child trauma. One is a 10-minute interview with Dr. Vincent Felitti, one of the co-founders of the CDC's Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. A second 25-minute video features interviews with local experts in Phoenix.

I'll be talking with Stanton soon to find out more information about the state consortium, and will report back here.

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