Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Bert Nash changes a life for the better

The Bert Nash Center created the Anxiety Disorders Clinic because of a need that wasn’t being fulfilled - individuals with severe anxiety had no where to turn for help. The following is only one example of how the clinic has been instrumental in creating a lasting positive change in someone’s life.

In her late 40s, Sarah (name has been changed) was housebound for three years as a result of her severe anxiety. She worked at home and her roommate did the grocery shopping and errands for her. “I was paralyzed; I was not able to leave the house. My anxiety had really gotten out of control,” she stated. “In 2009 I finally made the call to Bert Nash, and shortly after I was able to meet with Dr. Sandra Lawrence. My life changed after that. I now have a life – and a future” she continued.

Until she met with Dr. Lawrence, Sarah had never been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder. “I always knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know the name of it until I went to the Bert Nash Center,” Sarah remarked. She started seeing Dr. Lawrence for private therapy and eventually joined a group in the Anxiety Disorders Clinic. “The clinic was extremely helpful – and it was a very welcoming place. Dr. Lawrence presented the tools and information and then gave us homework assignments that were geared to our individual diagnoses,” continued Sarah.

The clinic was founded to help patients like Sarah. “Sarah is a real success story,” stated Dr. Lawrence. “She has taken the tools she learned in the clinic and applied them with great success to her life. She now works outside of her home and is able to engage with people in a very effective way,” continued Dr. Lawrence.

Sarah sums it up best: “I hope others with this problem will call Bert Nash. The treatment has given me confidence to deal with my anxiety. Now, at age 51, I am equipped with the tools and advice I need to meet everyday challenges. I feel like my life just started! I am so blessed and thankful.”

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