Have you heard about Facebook Depression?

USA Today published an article today about the harms that social media websites may have on children, and I would argue, even adults. Here's an excerpt:

"[There is] a new phenomenon called "Facebook depression." Some children who are at risk for social isolation, anxiety or depression seek connection online. If they don't find it, they may become depressed. Their lack of connection in the online world amplifies what's happening in their offline world."

I would have had a really horrible time in junior/high school if facebook had been available back then. I was pretty obsessed with being considered a part of the "it" crowd, and I can only imagine how facebook would have reinforced who was cool and who was not.

This Emotional Life is having an online discussion on April 4th at 4pm about the changing landscape of our relationships both online and off.

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jestevens 7 years, 6 months ago

Very interesting, Lauren. I had no idea, but it makes sense.

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