Do you have a mentor?

I do. I have a connection to a dear friend who has a great influence in my life. She supports me and guides me in my professional life and is a great support in my family life.

I found these statistics so impactful.

Why is this important?

Mentoring WORKS! Nationwide studies over the past fifty-five years report that children matched to a Big Brother or Big Sister are more cooperative at home, perform better at school and make better decisions within their peer group. Youth involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program are:

* 46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs

* 27% less likely than their peers to start drinking

* 33% less likely than their peers to behave violently

* 52% less likely to skip school

Volunteer! Become a mentor and be involved in a life-changing experience for an at-risk child. You can change a child's world without changing yours. It only takes a commitment of your time.

I would love to hear about a mentor relationship you may have, please share!

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