The Biggest Winners Don't Take Days Off!!

So here we are in the middle of Week 4 - the REST week. Its our first introduction to Core Synergistics, and we have the pleasure of doing Yoga X twice... gulp. Thursday is supposed to be X-Stretch, a nice break before our 2nd round of Core and Yoga. And I present the competitors with 3 options: 1) Move the stretch day to Saturday, giving us a two day break before Week 5/Phase II... 2) Keep it as is, doing a light stretch Thurday and Core/Yoga on Friday/Saturday.... OR 3) Instead of a light stretch day, we substitute a more intense Cardio X. Here's how they resonded.

"I'd rather we work out all 6 days this week, not have a two day break"

"Not to sound corny, but I want to do whatever will make me work the hardest"

"Let's do the cardio!"

If you want to be the biggest winner you can be, you work hard and you get results!! There are no days off! I'm so proud of this group....sniff =)

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