Week 5 Upgrades

So if you have ever done P90X like I have in the past you know what to expect. Every week we get to do a little jump training a.k.a. Plyometrics and some kick boxing a.k.a. Kempo X. Both of these workouts will make you breath and sweat like no other along with work on your balance without any additional help from weights. Well week 5 is the start of Phase 2 of P90X and I am going to be doing both of these workouts with 5lb ankle weights and 5lb wrist weights. We have alrady done the Plyo workout and it did what I thought it would do, It kicked my but but I loved it. Tomorrow is Kempo X and I look forward to what it will bring. It’s time to BRING IT, Do your Best and what everybody... Forget the Rest.


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