6 Weeks in with a grin:)

After a little abuse from Sean, here is the first update on my personal experience and progress in this challenge.

Like most people, I was athletic when I was younger but now I find myself looking and feeling out of shape. I was gaining weight and feeling less energetic every year. I also had bad eating habits that didn't seem to matter when I was younger and more active like they do now.

The hardest part of the workout for me is showing up. 7am sucks but Its good to do this stuff first thing because if I wait it will not happen. I think having the others there has helped me make it everyday. I have push myself from day 1 and the workouts are tough regardless of your fitness level.

At the end of week 3 I felt like my body was adjusting and I watched my amount of reps increase. Week 4 the program changed and it was referred to as a rest week but it still felt like a good workout to me. After the first day of week 5 I understood why week 4 was considered resting. They talk about muscle confusion a lot and now I have no confusion about what they mean.

The diet has by far been the biggest hurdle for me. I still catch myself with 1 diet coke most days but that's better than the 5 or 6 44oz'ers I use to have. 6 meals a day takes a little planning and eating out is very hard but I'm sticking to it fairly well. The program calls for 1 cheat day but I seem to do better if I stick to the diet or only have 1 cheat meal on Sunday.

Overall I am glad I joined and I feel better and have more energy most days already. I didn't see much physical change day to day but I did see some change in my 30 day photos. At the beginning we were asked to make goals and mine was simple, at least on paper. It may not be realistic in the time we have but this is going to be a life change for me not just 90 days.

MY GOAL: Push myself to improve every workout and lower my body fat percentage to 15%

Monday Morning Day 1 210 lbs. 25.8% body fat

Monday Morning Week 6 197 lbs. 22.6% body fat


Karrey Britt 8 years, 1 month ago

I am glad that you shared your story. I just posted a story about how LiveWell Lawrence is working to increase healthy options at restaurants, so hopefully that will get easier.

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