The Challenge Begins!!

The day was July 19th. As the sun began its gradual ascension into the early morning sky, three competitors found the will to leave comfortable beds, trading their soft, blanketed mattresses for the hard, matted floor of The Chiropractic Experience yoga studio. The fourth competitor, having just completed a night shift for the Lawrence police department, had already arrived outside of the chiropractic clinic where he sat eagerly awaiting his fellow workout partners. I pulled into the parking lot, perhaps the sleepiest of all, unlocked the doors, disarmed the alarm system, and welcomed my four newest friends into the building. As we filled our bottles with fresh water, continuing to acclimate to the 7o'clock hour, I began to hang the pull-up bars in each doorway and organize the resistance bands. Those who brought weights kept them close, as the start of the workout drew ever nearer. Passing out "success journals" to the group I explained the importance of documenting each day's workout. They had already received their books, and had written down their goals-the most important part of any fitness plan. Now it was time to get to work. As I powered on the television and slipped in the 1st DVD we all knew that the time had finally come to BRING IT!!!....

Now in the 3rd week of the challenge there has already been a combined weight loss of over twenty pounds! Spirits are high as the competitors show up morning after morning ready to burn, sweat, and push themselves to the max! Reports of increased energy, successful dietary discipline, and already changing physiques abound. And as we approach the first rest week, we do so in support of one another, as a team with one goal: to become the BIGGEST WINNERS we know we were born to be!......

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Karrey Britt 8 years, 1 month ago

Congrats to the competitors! I look forward to the next update!

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