Half Way

As I was reminded this morning we are just over half way. Taking a vacation to see a sister get married and then to a confrence in Florida with my husband made working out a little hard this week. It was nice to be able to bring my DVD's with me and do the work-outs in the sun and breeze in Florida though. Eating was the hardest part of traveling. Trying to eat 5-6 small meals a day while you are traveling and have limited access can be a challenge. I think I didn't do to bad. Switching the fries for fruit and smoothies with protien helped a lot.

I have lost a little weight but the biggest thing I am starting to notice is that some of my clothes are starting to be too big or are fitting again (depending on when they were bought.) Still gaining strength and not as tired. I know my husband has started to notice because he was complaining that my butt was starting to get smaller; threatening that if it goes, I go.

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