Winter Break!

Wednesday, December 12th was our last day of LHE Bobcat Marathon Club for this "semester". But while we let winter rein, we encourage you to keep moving with Jingle Bell Runs, etc.! You can rack up the fun run miles over the break and turn in your miles later. We'll add them to your marathon club total. Don't worry, our winter hiatus is short and we will meet again in March! We celebrated our last day with a healthy snack of water and granola bars from Hy-Vee (thank you, Hy-Vee!!!!!) and cheered the kids accomplishments with a candy cane. Take a look ...

Oh, What Fun!

Oh, What Fun! by carrie mandigo

I ran 2 miles! I'm thirsty!

I ran 2 miles! I'm thirsty! by carrie mandigo

Holy Candy Cane!

Holy Candy Cane! by carrie mandigo

Friends and Candy Canes!

Friends and Candy Canes! by carrie mandigo

We celebrated 3 finishers today. Congratulations to Macade, Brendan and Jacob! Great accomplishment, boys!

Master Macade, 26.2!

Master Macade, 26.2! by carrie mandigo

Brilliant Brendan, 26.2!

Brilliant Brendan, 26.2! by carrie mandigo

Jacob completed his 2nd marathon today! Woo Hoo!

Jacob completed his 2nd marathon today! Woo Hoo! by carrie mandigo

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Marilyn Hull 5 years, 6 months ago

Hooray for these kids and what they have accomplished. Well done!

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