Cans and Fans Giveaway Winner

Monica Taylor

Congratulations to Mike Wildgen, Lawrence, who entered the giveaway at our Checkers food drive. Mike will receive $100 gift cards from Checkers and Ace Hardware. Thanks for your donation to the Salvation Army and congratulations, Mike!

Thank you for your contributions!

Monica Taylor

Our campaign ends with donations totaling 40 fans, 3 grocery carts of food and $145 in cash to be used toward more fans and pantry items. THANK YOU to everyone within our community who generously contributed, and our partners at Checkers and Westlake Ace Hardware who helped make this possible. ...



Thanks to the World Company, Westlake Hardware, Checkers, the people at the Salvation Army and all those that contributed for the success of the Cans and Fans drive. Food is needed all year long and we can all agree that fans are important at this time of year.

News from the Kitchen @ The Salvation Army (7-28-10)

Diana Brauer

I opened our doors about an hour early today. I wanted to get people out of the sun that were already waiting to come in for lunch. We served **122** meals today. I had **4** volunteers for the morning duites and **2** volunteers to help with the clean-up. We had ...

Monday, July 26, 2010 - The Salvation Army Meal update!

Diana Brauer

**WOW!** It's hot out there. I let people in a little early today. I served Pizza Hut Pizza & BBQ shredded beef with: salad with dressings, broccoli & cauliflower, fruit cocktail, desserts, cottage cheese, squash and garden fresh tomatoes. We served **108** meals today. I had **5** volunteers helping me ...

Today's events in the Kitchen at The Salvation Army

Diana Brauer

**The Salvation Army** ------------------ Hey everyone! Today was a good day! We served **114 meals**! We had **4 volunteers** that helped with the meal preparation & dinning room readiness. We then had an additional **5 volunteers** to serve the meal. **Today's meal:** - BBQ pork chops, Farm fresh corn on ...

Cans and Fans Progress Report

Monica Taylor

So many thanks to our generous LJW readers, WellCommons Community and Checkers and Westlake patrons! Yesterday, we were able to send a full van load of fans and pantry items to the Salvation Army. We're doing well, and still have almost two weeks to go in the drive! The fans ...

Lawrence shoppers donated 23 fans and three shopping carts full of food

Karrey Britt **2 p.m.** — Success! Our fan-and-food drive is over. We collected about three carts of food, 23 fans, and $23! Thanks to all of those who participated. The drive continues through the month. For more information, check out our Cans & Fans group page on WellCommons. Also, I will ...

What Does "Joining a Group" Involve?

Community organizations and individuals of Douglas County participate on WellCommons by forming "groups". The pages of the Lawrence Salvation Army's "Cans and Fans" group are what you're viewing now. Joining a group on WellCommons is much like joining a group anywhere else. You're signing up to follow, and have the ...

Heat Information

- [National Weather Service: What to Do When Heat Waves Strike][1] - tips to stay cool, heat-related illnesses and their symptoms, heat index information - [Beat the Heat with Red Cross Safety Tips][2] - safety tips, heat-related terms, general care for heat emergencies [1]: [2]:

Hunger Information and Local Food Resources

- [Lawrence, KS food resources][1] - list from City of Lawrence for free or reduced-price food - [Hunger 101][2] - information on hunger facts in the United States from [1]: [2]:

My Visit to the Salvation Army

Monica Taylor

Diana Brauer, of the Lawrence Salvation Army, serves a meal to a guest in the dining area. The agency serves free lunches to walk-in visitors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. When I visited the Lawrence Salvation Army last week before we launched the "Cans and Fans" ...

Cans And Fans Is About In


Cans and fans is about individuals reaching out to others. Thanks to all that participate !

First Fan Donation Received

Monica Taylor Mike Johns, LJW Customer Service Manager, with Eva Seratte of Lawrence and the six box fans she donated Tuesday morning for the Cans and Fans food and fan drive. Eva's fans will be delivered to the Salvation army today.

Enter the Cans and Fans Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, simply click "join this group" in the upper right portion of the screen. If you're not registered on WellCommons, you'll need to sign up. All that's required is your full name and e-mail address. If you've already joined, congratulations, you're already entered to win the following ...

Make a Donation or Purchase a Fan Now

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Enter the "Cans & Fans" Food & Fan Drive and Giveaway by July 31!

Monica Taylor

This July, this group has been working with the Lawrence community to help the Salvation Army stock its food pantry and distribute fans to those who urgently need them. As of Friday the 30th, we've been blessed with 38 fan donations and 3 grocery carts of food to help bolster ...

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