Enter the "Cans & Fans" Food & Fan Drive and Giveaway by July 31!

This July, this group has been working with the Lawrence community to help the Salvation Army stock its food pantry and distribute fans to those who urgently need them. As of Friday the 30th, we've been blessed with 38 fan donations and 3 grocery carts of food to help bolster dwindling summer resources. Our drive officially ends Saturday, July 31st. Can you help us make it to 50 fans? Please read below to see how you can contribute online and how to enter our $200 giveaway!

There are many ways you can help now!

DONATE: Visit our online store to make a $5 or $10 donation to help fill the Salvation Army food pantry or buy a fan for one needy family.

PURCHASE: A Broadband Man "Cans and Fans" t-shirt.

DROP OFF: Bring new fans and/or non-perishable food items to the Journal-World Circulation Office, 6th and New Hampshire, M-F through July 31 (closed July 5).

JOIN THIS GROUP: You'll be automatically entered to win $100 gift certificates to Checkers and Westlake Ace Hardware and more!

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TEAM UP: Host your own church, group or club food or fan drive and share your results, stories and videos with us on WellCommons.

SHARE: Your stories, experiences, and knowledge about heat related illness and community food needs with us by posting your comments here.

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urothrock 8 years, 2 months ago

This is a fantastic cause. I cannot imagine going through the summer without adequate food or without being able to escape the heat. Such a small act can improve someone's life in our community so much!

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