Cans and Fans Progress Report

So many thanks to our generous LJW readers, WellCommons Community and Checkers and Westlake patrons! Yesterday, we were able to send a full van load of fans and pantry items to the Salvation Army. We're doing well, and still have almost two weeks to go in the drive! The fans collected so far will most likely be all distributed by the end of the week, and there are sure to be more requests. Diapers and wipes for the pantry are also still in high demand -- any size.

Here's our mid-way progress report:

  • Box Fans Donated: 37
  • Online Fan Donation Dollars: $80
  • Online Pantry Donation Dollars: $0
  • Online T-Shirt Purchases: 4 ($60 to SA)
  • Cash Donations: $23
  • Pantry/Food Items: Estimated value $300 (3 full grocery baskets)

Our initial goal was for 75 fans and 2000 donated items. Ambitious, but I'm sure we can still do it. We're really on a roll! There's so much need out there, and you can imagine about how far $300 will go for just one family, let alone the dozens there are that will rely on the pantry to help them get by this year. We are still accepting donations and fans at the Journal-World office and online. And thank you once again to those who have so generously contributed.


Karrey Britt 8 years, 2 months ago

I spent the day at The Salvation Army on Monday, and there is a huge need for food, fan and financial donations. The center ran out of utility and rental assistance in 8 days this month. A woman, who had three children with her, requested a fan on Monday, but the donations had not been picked up yet. So, she came back about an hour later to get one. The case workers said the fans would be gone by week's end.

monicataylor 8 years, 2 months ago

Thank you for letting us know, Karrey! We will keep plugging!

Marilyn Hull 8 years, 2 months ago

It's cool that you are taking online gifts using the LJ World Store. If I give through this site, will I get a receipt from a nonporift for tax records?

monicataylor 8 years, 2 months ago

Thanks for asking, Marilyn. Yes. Donors should print off the online store receipt as documentation of the transaction, but it is not an official Salvation Army receipt. We'll provide online donor information to the Army at the end of the campaign, and will send out receipts at that time.

Marilyn Hull 8 years, 2 months ago

Great! Thanks for spearheading this great community project.

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