Monday, July 26, 2010 - The Salvation Army Meal update!

WOW! It's hot out there. I let people in a little early today. I served Pizza Hut Pizza & BBQ shredded beef with: salad with dressings, broccoli & cauliflower, fruit cocktail, desserts, cottage cheese, squash and garden fresh tomatoes.

We served 108 meals today. I had 5 volunteers helping me with meal preparation & dinning room readiness. I had 3 volunteers that helped with the clean-up after the meal.

I am now getting food ready for our Warming & Cooling Program. This will open tonight from 5-8pm. The plan now is to have BBQ shredded beef, chipotle style meat with tortilla's, salsa, cheese and chips. We will have canned soups available for heating and PBJ sandwiches.

We received tomatoes and cucumbers from "Gloria's" garden. We received another donation of tomatoes from a private individual. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US HERE AT THE SALVATION ARMY!

Have a great day! I will update everyone on Wednesday.

Diana Brauer

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