Bridge Haven’s Best Caregivers Score Big Points

Taking care of elderly people who can no longer care for themselves is a demanding job that requires patience, skill and a big heart. At Bridge Haven, professional caregivers provide 24-hour protective oversight, personal care assistance, meal service, housekeeping, and recreational activities for the residents they serve. To recognize staff achievement in delivering outstanding resident care, Bridge Haven hosted a recognition party on April 4th at Royal Crest Lanes in Lawrence. Relationships between residents and their caregivers matters a great deal. Assisted living communities that authorize workloads and staffing ratios to make time for relationship building and social interactions are a step ahead. Relationships foster greater job satisfaction for staff, and for residents it establishes trust and a lasting bond.
Qualities deemed essential for employment at Bridge Haven include patience, altruism, and friendliness. Linda Kizer, Bridge Haven’s resident RN says, “I look to hire certified nurse’s aides who are patient, kind, and truly caring. I can teach them how to be a good nurse’s aide, but I cannot teach someone to have a good heart.”

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Shawn Edwards Strikes a Pose! by Kristin Scheurer

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