Sharp as a Tack: Why Some Brains Avoid Decline

Six-years-ago researchers at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine noticed in an Alzheimer’s study, a small group of people who didn’t exhibit memory loss common in people in their 80’s and beyond. Researchers gave them a battery of tests including memory tests, and MRI scans revealing physical differences compared with their peers. People with Alzheimer’s have abnormally large numbers of brain clogs called plaques and tangles, but this elite group has excellent cognitive function and memory capabilities typical of people decades younger. This newly identified group now named the SuperAgers, are volunteering to help researchers explore why some brains avoid decline. The program is still accepting participants, but only 10% of those who think they have an outstanding memory pass the required tests. Could you be one of them?

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Note to Self

Note to Self by Kristin Scheurer

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