Happiness Hero Delivers Sunshine Smiles

Every community has them. Whether it is the volunteer who comes in without fail, or a staff person who always has a smile, or a family member who donates time to the community, heroes are among us each and every day. During the month of September, Bridge Haven is recognizing “Happiness Heroes.” These are individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others. By recognizing heroes in little, small ways, we hope to make a huge impact by saying “thank you” to those who give so much!

Bridge Haven’s Life Enrichment Manager Holly Hurley has brought a bit of happiness to the residents at Bridge Haven. Because she believes a clean, tidy home is a happy home, Holly initiated routine deep cleaning in resident bedrooms to help keep rooms organized and fresh. She planted bright- colored flowers in places residents can enjoy them. She also crafted a clever outdoor jungle-gym which has attracted neighborhood squirrels looking to eat and entertain onlookers. Holy is continually finding new ways to make resident’s lives a little bit better. Most importantly she performs her magic with joy, happiness and smiles. She is a delightful addition to the Bridge Haven family. Please help us in thanking Holly for spreading happiness to others by leaving her a congratulatory comment below.

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Holly Hurley by Kristin Scheurer

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bambi 5 years, 1 month ago

What a nice honor! Congratulations and keep on smiling!

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