Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy available

OK, so we’re almost a month into the new year and, if you’re like me, you may have already slipped up a few times regarding your new year’s resolution. The most important thing, though, is to keep trying! A slip up is just another opportunity to start anew! With that in mind, those of you who made a resolution – or are just thinking about it – to quit smoking, don’t despair. The Kansas Tobacco Quitline has an excellent opportunity available for you AT NOT COST! Just call 1.800.QUIT.NOW and talk to a counselor and you can receive up to a 2-week supply of a nicotine replacement therapy (patch, lozenge, gum, etc.) determined to be best for you in your situation. This is provided free to you! No excuses. You can call the Quitline 24/7 and reach someone. A 2-week supply can get you further down the path of quitting. Studies show that you are more successful in quitting when utilizing cessation counseling and an NRT; both can be received at no cost to you from the Kansas Tobacco Quitline. Call 1.800.QUIT.NOW. Good luck! Check out this website if you want some more information on nicotine replacement therapies:NRT on WEbMD

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