And still even more tips to simplify the season

  1. Allow some things to slide. Know that you probably cannot do what you normally do each day plus add in the holiday preparations. Think about what you can let slide for a few days or weeks and allow that to happen. It should not be taking care of yourself that is put on the shelf until later.

  2. Gift yourself with the gift of some "me" time each day. Sometimes this may even have to be scheduled into your daily calendar. Meet a friend for coffee, read a book, go for a walk or just sit and do nothing for a few minutes. Just make sure the focus is on "you."

  3. Don't put your health last on the list. Something may have to give in the holiday rush but don't let it be your health. Take extra-special care of yourself - a normal amount of sleep, regular exercise and ahealthy diet.

  4. Now is not the time to begin a diet. Keep an eye on your calorie intake but it is probably best not to choose this time of year to start dieting. With all of the temptations around, your weight probably will not go down but your stress over it may go up.

  5. Reach out to others. Volunteer activities are a way for people even children, to reach outside of themselves and give to others. If you are alone at the holidays this is a wonderful time to share the time with others who need you.


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