Five tips to simplify the season

Here are the first of several tips to help make life as stress-free as possible at this busy time of year.

1. Make a list and check it twice.

• Make a realistic list of what you need to get done before the holidays and a timeline for completion.

• Pace yourself.

• Check off items as completed; this can give you a real sense of accomplishing your goals.  

2. Stick like glue to your deadlines.

• If your timeline has a particular deadline by which to accomplish a task or item, stick to it.

• Know by that date, you are done, and you don’t need to do just a little more. 

• It is often doing that little bit more that causes you a LOT more stress!  

3. Set a budget in advance.

• Make a budget for what you can afford to spend and stick to it.

• Avoid using credit cards and layaway plans if at all possible.

• Don’t overspend at the holidays; you can prolong the stress well into the New Year.  

4. Make the “estimates.”

• Underestimate how much you can do in one day.

• Overestimate how long it will take to do it.  

5. Don’t be a Holiday CEO.

• A Holiday CEO wants to maximize the profits, cut the losses and have everything proceed without failure or breakdown.

• Your future success with the “company” does not hinge on the success of the holidays. For most people, there are going to be some glitches in the holiday preparation. Prepare for it and then laugh about it when it happens.

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