Web Sites for Fathers

A friend of mine recently handed me her March-April 2010 issue of mothering magazine which has a short article by the editor and publisher, Peggy O'Mara. In "A Quiet Place - My Son A Father", Ms. O'Mara identifies some online resources for dads.

The following sites are specifically about fatherhood:

Fathering Magazine

Fathers Forum Online


There are General-Interest sites for fathers:


The Father Life FQ (out of the UK)

Then There are special interest sites for fathers:

The Dad's Group for Gay, Bi, Trans & Questioning Dads.

The Fathers Network for fathers and families raising children with special health needs and developmental disabilities.

The article also lists a bunch of blogs that look great.
Let me know if you'd like more information aobu these blogs and I'll try to link them to our Dads of Douglas County Wellcommons group.


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