Sunday Soiree event for Healthy Sprouts

Healthy Sprouts

We hope you'll join us at the Sunday Soiree, a charity event for Healthy Sprouts Farm to Preschool program. The event will take place tomorrow, Sunday, January 26th from 3-6pm at Abe and Jake's Landing. Tickets are only $30 per person or two for $50 and include: **- Reverand Jazz ...

You are invited to a Sunday Soiree

Healthy Sprouts

You are cordially invited to the Sunday Soiree: A Charity Event for the Healthy Sprouts Farm to Preschool program of Douglas County Child Development Association. Please mark your calendar for Sunday, January 26th, 3-6pm, and invite your friends and colleagues! You can purchase tickets ($30) at the door or through ...

Last Healthy Sprouts Highlight #5: Policies and Collaboration

Healthy Sprouts

As we look to the future of Farm to Child Care here in Douglas County, we keep our sights on sustainability. We want the Healthy Sprouts programming to continue on and not phase out like so many grant-funded projects. Not only do we want the efforts of our participants to ...

Healthy Sprouts Highlight #4: Food Education

Healthy Sprouts

Just a generation ago, people in our country were much more connected to their food source. In our conversations with people about growing food, most of them have not so distant memories of their parents’ or grandparents’ large garden. Many people were even raised on farms, especially here in the ...

Healthy Sprouts Highlight #3: Family Engagement

Healthy Sprouts

Family engagement is crucial to Healthy Sprouts’ goal of connecting young children to healthy food. While our focus is on developing healthy habits in children from birth to age 6, we know that a significant component of our work is inspiring parents and caregivers to participate in gardening, cooking, and ...

Healthy Sprouts Highlight #2: Local Farm Connections

Healthy Sprouts

Healthy Sprouts connects young children, their caregivers and families to local farms through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), field trips and outreach. CSA is a business arrangement between families and local farmers in which farmers drop off weekly vegetable subscriptions for families who subscribe during the growing season. Through our program, ...

Healthy Sprouts Highlight #1: Children's Gardens

Healthy Sprouts

One of the most popular and effective parts of the Healthy Sprouts program is gardening with children. This year, a total of eight child care centers and 28 in-home child care providers planted and tended gardens with the children in their care through the Healthy Sprouts program. Children as young ...

A Week of Healthy Sprouts Highlights

Healthy Sprouts

Next week (November 11-15), we will post a series of stories highlighting each part of our Farm to Child Care program. Here are the topics you can look forward to reading about: - Children's gardens - Connections to local farmers - Family Engagement - Education - Policies and collaboration The ...

Top 5 Reasons We Need Farm to Preschool

Healthy Sprouts

Everyone believes that children deserve the healthiest start in life. However, the health of our youngest members of society is in decline. Formerly known as Families, Farmers and Educator United, Healthy Sprouts, our community’s Farm to Preschool program reaches over 1,000 children annually. Without community support, our efforts to connect ...

CSA Family Raises a Veggie Eater!

Healthy Sprouts

Here's a great blog post from a CSA family about raising their child to eat vegetables!

LiveWell Lawrence Gains Momentum

Healthy Sprouts

Learn more about this important community effort that we're happy to be a part of:

Families Engage in Farm to Preschool One Bite at a Time

Healthy Sprouts

In late February of this year, we welcomed Melissa Freiburger as the newest addition to Families, Farmers and Educators United (FFEU). Melissa is our Family Engagement Facilitator and has spent the past couple of months creating new and exciting initiatives at all nine of our participating child care centers. In ...

Community Health Plan gives LiveWell Lawrence new momentum in increasing access to healthy foods, physical activity

Karrey Britt Five years ago, [LiveWell Lawrence][1] was founded by a group of community leaders who wanted to improve the health of Douglas County. Instead of trying to change individual behaviors by offering more cooking classes or exercise programs, they decided to focus on promoting policy and environmental changes that would ...

Strawberries at Cottin's Farmers' Market!

Healthy Sprouts

Stuffed and Starved, part 1: "We Don't Have Hungry People in Lawrence, Because Everyone's Too Fat"

Jeremy Farmer

I remember being at a meeting when I first moved back to Lawrence. I was extremely green behind the ears as it related to a community that I was becoming acquainted with again. All was well until I heard someone say... "WE DON'T HAVE HUNGRY PEOPLE IN LAWRENCE...EVERYONE'S TOO FAT." ...

How YOU can support Farm to Preschool

Healthy Sprouts

Did you know there is a growing national Farm to Preschool movement? Douglas County is a part of the movement and you can be involved in a number of ways! But first, you might be wondering, "What is Farm to Preschool?" Farm to Preschool (or Child Care) has many of ...

Community Plots Available!

Healthy Sprouts

The Garden Incubator has plots available in John Taylor Park!

Volunteer in the West Middle School Garden this Saturday!

Lily Siebert

Do NOT let the snow fool you, this weekend is going to be warm and beautiful! Spend part of it with our Growing Food, Growing Health Crew in the West Garden! We will be working from 9am-Noon on Saturday, March 30 and would love the help. Contact Lily at 843-8544 ...

Nutritionist offers tips on how to make cooking for the family more fun

Karrey Britt

**Note:** *This one in a series of stories from the [Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department][1] in recognition of National Nutrition Month.* **By Trish Unruh** If cooking for your family feels like drudgery, my advice is to keep it simple and include the kids. The key is to be realistic about how ...

LiveWell Lawrence recognizes school bond goes beyond classrooms

Karrey Britt

**By Susan Johnson** The community will vote April 2 on a $92.5 million school bond issue. The bond will be used to improve school facilities, enhance technology, and expand Career and Technical Educational opportunities. As a coalition committed to improving physical activity and nutrition in Douglas County, LiveWell Lawrence would ...

Health Department dietetic intern serves up recipes using functional foods

Karrey Britt

***Note:*** *This one in a series of stories from the [Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department][1] in recognition of National Nutrition Month.* **By Karla Wessling** Spinach, sweet potatoes, cranberries and salmon have additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition, so they are considered functional foods. Many research institutions including private, government, and academic ...

Health Department seeks nominations for new Douglas County Health Champion award

Karrey Britt The [Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department][1] will recognize for the first time a youth and adult resident for their exceptional efforts to model, encourage and promote health in the community during [National Public Health Week][2], April 1-7. Take the opportunity to nominate your favorite Douglas County Health Champion for this ...

DCCDA earns $77,500 to continue Families, Farmers and Educators United

Healthy Sprouts

The new year has started off on an exciting note for the Douglas County Child Development Association’s program, Families, Farmers and Educators United (FFEU). The Farm to Child Care program has been awarded multiple grants for continuation through 2013 that will allow for greater community collaboration and targeted family outreach. ...

Veggie Party!


On October 24th, the Full Circle Youth Program hosted a Produce for Kids Veggie Party for our youth and their families. Twenty participants, including youth ranging in age from five to sixteen and some parents, attended and had a great time creating edible art, enjoying a healthy snack, playing Veggie ...

Debate forming on how to reduce childhood poverty in Kansas

Phil Cauthon A child advocacy organization is criticizing Gov. Sam Brownback for restricting access to some programs that help low-income Kansans while more children and families are slipping into poverty. Shannon Cotsoradis, chief executive of Kansas Action for Children, said recent changes made by the Brownback administration to tighten eligibility criteria ...

Go Green: Growing Food, Growing Health takes long view on school gardens

Katie Bean **BY KELLY BARTH** As a nutrition educator, Nancy O’Connor had worked with children for years. She invented many creative ways to talk about calories and nutrients, such as spooning 10 teaspoons of sugar into a pile to show them how much they were getting in one can of pop. ...

Start at the Farmers Market for holiday meals

Jen Humphrey

The jack-o-lanterns have been tossed to the compost pile, we've gorged ourselves on candy and now we're dusting off recipes for upcoming fall holiday traditions. That means planning a monster trip to the grocery store, right? Bumper carts in the aisles, a turkey raised a thousand miles away, and a ...

All Hail King Kale!

Healthy Sprouts

Full Circle Garden Project - ZOMBIE Patch


Did you know that Edgewood Homes has a garden? Since May, participants of the Full Circle Youth Program have planted, watered and weeded a vegetable garden behind the Huppee Community Facility. We have built raised beds, started seeds, and transplanted starts. So far, we have harvested basil, tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumber ...

Locally sourced lunch highlights Lawrence celebration of Farm to School Week

Sara Shepherd The menu for the Lawrence school district’s upcoming farm to school lunch originally called for, among other vegetables, peppers. But unlike produce shipped from distant, always-summer climates, local food is dependent on local weather. And an early October frost means local schools won’t be serving as many peppers as ...


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