Success from the 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Festival!

On Sunday, September 16th nearly 150 early educators, local farmers and families gathered at the Pendleton’s Country Market under overcast skies and fall-like weather. The occasion was the second annual Fall Harvest Festival, celebrating two successful years of DCCDA’s program, Families, Farmers and Educators United (FFEU). FFEU is a Farm to Child Care program that uses gardening and a local-food based curriculum to teach young children about where their food comes from and how to make healthy choices. Child care centers participating in the program are also matched with local farmers to provide Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares to families who choose to subscribe. With 27 in-home child care providers, 9 child care centers, 9 farms, and 950 children participating this year, there was a lot to celebrate!

It turned out to be perfect festival weather for the second year in a row, and attendees enjoyed live music, local food and fun games on the farm. Children enjoyed food and gardening related crafts, the Pendletons’ Butterfly Bio-Villa, and farm games such as the egg and spoon race, volleyball and gunny sack races. Food was donated from 715, Pachamamas, Wheatfields Bakery and Sylas and Maddy’s. The event was a great success thanks to these generous gifts, as well as the enthusiasm and hard work of students from KU’s Alternative Weekend Breaks, who volunteered for the festival once again this year.

While we have all worked hard this year to teach ourselves and young children about nutrition, growing food and participating in the local food system, sometimes it is just as important to celebrate and have fun. One parent from Ballard Community Services child care center said, “My daughter and I had such a fun time. The time just flew by. The food was great, but more than anything, we enjoyed spending time together, making crafts and playing. What a wonderful thing to go to. Thanks so much.” Others agreed that it was a lovely evening, and a great opportunity to build community and network with others who are working toward growing healthier children. THANK YOU to everyone who came out!

We would also like to thank Angelique McNaughton from the LJWorld for spending the evening at the festival! Check out her article here:

Photography donated by Lauren Krivoshia (Photos below)

Egg Race!

Egg Race! by Healthy Sprouts

Hayrides thanks to John Pendleton

Hayrides thanks to John Pendleton by Healthy Sprouts

Three-Legged Race!

Three-Legged Race! by Healthy Sprouts

Planting a seed

Planting a seed by Healthy Sprouts

The Feast!

The Feast! by Healthy Sprouts


Yummy! by Healthy Sprouts

Choices, choices!

Choices, choices! by Healthy Sprouts

Eating healthy food!

Eating healthy food! by Healthy Sprouts

The Crowd

The Crowd by Healthy Sprouts

Musicians John Lomas and Bill Crahan

Musicians John Lomas and Bill Crahan by Healthy Sprouts

Party time with Dave Besson and band!

Party time with Dave Besson and band! by Healthy Sprouts

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Marilyn Hull 5 years, 8 months ago

Fantastic photos! Looks like a terrific celebration. Kuddos!

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