Healthy Sprouts Highlight #3: Family Engagement

Family engagement is crucial to Healthy Sprouts’ goal of connecting young children to healthy food. While our focus is on developing healthy habits in children from birth to age 6, we know that a significant component of our work is inspiring parents and caregivers to participate in gardening, cooking, and eating healthy so that the lessons learned at child care are reinforced and further cultivated at home. Through Healthy Sprouts, families have enthusiastically participated in a range of family engagement activities that include seed plantings, cooking classes, garden work days, taste tests, field trips and potluck meals. Children and their parents have tasted a range of fresh, local produce such as kohlrabi (many for the first time!), cauliflower, zucchini and spinach. It was an exciting day when we had a grandmother at Princeton Children’s Center try asparagus for the first time ever with her grandson at one of our tastings! We planted pumpkin seeds with families at Children’s Learning Center in early spring and were thrilled to find out in late summer that a thriving pumpkin plant inspired a family to grow an entire garden for the first time. Recently, families at Building Blocks Daycare Center gathered together on a fall afternoon to prepare their center’s garden for winter. Children worked alongside their parents and were delighted to find handfuls of green beans tucked inside a patch of weeds.

We need community support to continue inspiring families to garden, cook and eat healthy food. Donate to Healthy Sprouts today:

Melissa engaging with families

Melissa engaging with families by Healthy Sprouts

Farmers' Market Scavenger Hunt

Farmers' Market Scavenger Hunt by Healthy Sprouts

Fall Festival Feast!

Fall Festival Feast! by Healthy Sprouts

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