Last Healthy Sprouts Highlight #5: Policies and Collaboration

As we look to the future of Farm to Child Care here in Douglas County, we keep our sights on sustainability. We want the Healthy Sprouts programming to continue on and not phase out like so many grant-funded projects. Not only do we want the efforts of our participants to be sustained, but we also want to expand our reach to the entire community and beyond. One way we are working toward this is through the development and improvement of wellness policies in child care settings. We've begun discussions with child care center directors about how current policies could be expanded upon to include the components of Healthy Sprouts. Several have already incorporated gardening, CSA and the Root for Food curriculum into their parent handbooks. Our next step is to facilitate a Wellness Policy Workshop to support this work and give directors the opportunity to work together in developing policies that will be effective.

Collaboration is another way that we work toward continuing this work. Melissa and I are both members of the LiveWell Lawrence Healthy Kids Work Group, which is developing policies to improve the health of children of all ages in our community. Melissa is also a collaborative trainer and coach for the National Early Care and Education Learning Collaboratives Project through Nemours, which is implementing healthy kids initiatives around the country. I represent early care on the National Farm to School Network’s Peer Leadership Network, which is developing Farm to Preschool trainings that will be used nationally. We are also in the midst of building closer relationships to local organizations such as Just Food, the Lawrence Community Shelter and the Housing Authority. Our hope is to reach more children and families each year. We can’t reach this goal alone, and we greatly appreciate all of the participants, community members and organizational leaders who have stepped up to partner with us in growing healthier children from the start.

And now we need YOUR help! After reading our week-long series of highlights, we hope you have a better understanding for what we do and will consider showing your support by donating today.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated, and who will donate now.


Emily Hampton, Healthy Sprouts Coordinator

Early educators building a healthy plate

Early educators building a healthy plate by Healthy Sprouts

Starting a new garden

Starting a new garden by Healthy Sprouts

CSA and Family Engagement booths

CSA and Family Engagement booths by Healthy Sprouts

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