El Luchador Dental

El Luchador Dental is our latest outreach effort to promote good oral health habits to our Spanish speaking families. Our bilingual Access to Baby and Child Dentistry coordinator, Raymond Muñoz, will be filming public service announcements in Spanish as El Luchador Dental, and he will also be using Twitter and Facebook to educate families on the importance of maintaining good oral health habits for children and adults.

We see lots of children at the Douglas County Dental Clinic, and we've seen our fair share of children with cavities. Unfortunately, our Latino families have a higher incidence of dental caries than other populations that we serve. We've come a long way in educating our families as to the importance of good oral health habits, but we feel that we can do better. We hope that the introduction of this dental super hero will help us get the message across! To learn more about El Luchador Dental, visit him on Twitter or Facebook. The posts are in Spanish, but the message of good oral health is universal!

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Raymond Munoz 6 years, 11 months ago

Thank goodness for Halloween inspired ideas! I'm excited about the possibilities with this character.

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