Give Kids A Smile Day: Free Dental Services For Uninsured Children

The Douglas County Dental Clinic is once again taking part in the American Dental Association's Give Kids A Smile Day. We will be providing free dental services to low-income, uninsured children on Friday February 1st at our new location, 2210 Yale Rd. Appointments are set on a first come, first served basis, so please call us at 785-312-7770 to set an appointment.

Give Kids A Smile Day

Give Kids A Smile Day by Raymond Munoz

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Alceste 5 years, 9 months ago


However, what really needs to be discussed is the utter lack of care and concern the "dental professionals" of Douglas County, and, for that matter, the entire state of Kansas simply refuse to participate in Medicaid. Why are these "caring professionals" so darn cheap and miserly?

Ok, the Medicaid reimubursement rate is low. Big deal....these phat cat "doctors of dentistry" rake in plenty of money as it is. Why won't they participate in Kansas Medicaid so that little kids get quality care, despite the fact they are impovershied.

"We"....Douglas County......have these one or two day events annually and "We" are supposed to "forgive" the reality the greedy "dental professionals" simply refuse to participate in Medicaid???? Incredible.

Adding injury to insult is the very real reality that these trailer park dental clinic one day events aren't about dentistry.....which is about the saving of teeth....they're about the easiest and quickest way out. Fast forward to the "annual event" for adults: These "dentists" don't look to save teeth.....they yank 'em; pull 'em out; extract them.....when they COULD root canal; crown; etc. Wait.....those procedures take time and might compel the ever so greedy dentist to actually, really, DONATE some time in follow up visits to PRESERVE a tooth. That'd be too much like right.

The whole idea of these warehouse operations is unctuous. Again, let the dentists of Douglas County have the courage to admit they don't participate with Medicaid because they believe they're not getting paid enough. Creeps.

If Alceste's dentist don't participate in Medicaid, Alceste educates the duffus and then goes to a dentist (and the list is VERY small) who does. spit.

gastrawn 5 years, 9 months ago

Do you have to live in Douglas County to attend the Give Kids a Smile Day?

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