Notes from Food Policy Council meeting - July 19, 2010

Meeting Notes Douglas County Food Policy Council Monday, July 19, 2010 7:00-9:00 PM Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Attendees: Dan Nagengast, Greg Shipe, Jim Fisher, Bill Wood, Nicole Tichenor, Lori McMinn, Daniel Poull, Rita York, Debbie Miers, Barbara Clark, Brenna Wulfkuhle, Boog Highberger Staff: Eileen Horn, Facilitator: Jerry Jost, Guest presenter: Jane Stevens, The World Company Visitors: Brett Ramey, Emily Hampton, Kim Scherman, Constance Wolfe, Brian Edie

I. Administrative Items:

a. With 12 members in attendance, a quorum was reached. b. Review/approval of 6.21 minutes i. Amended by N. Tichenor (her final day is Aug. 1, not June 1). ii. Approval 6.21 minutes (as amended) moved by B. Wood, second by B. Wulfkuhle. c. Food Policy Council Budget has been submitted to the County Commission. They will decide by August 15th. Requested amount = $6700

II. WellCommons Presentation, Jane Stevens, Director of Media Strategies, the World Co.

a. Key points from presentation: i. Three levels of participation in WellCommons (Admin, Contributor, Member). Jane recommends all FPC members sign up as contributors to edit and post. ii. FPC should focus on building our Resources bank iii. If each FPC member spends 5 min/day on site, will make it lively and engaging. iv. Invite people to join us on WellCommons through our networks, and our Outreach/Education events (i.e. Fair) v. A new niche site is under development, and will focus on Environmental issues – all FPC content will re-post there as well. vi. New functionality is being added (i.e. a Facebook-like function, and the ability to have private groups for subcommittee working docs).

b. Next Steps: FPC will join as members, Eileen will post public meetings, committees will agree to a rotating schedule of updates on their progress.

III. Committee Reports

a. Education/Outreach

i. Booth will need to be staffed by FPC volunteers from 5 PM – 10 PM Tuesday, August 3rd- Saturday August 7th. Still need assistance: 1. Tues, Wed, Sat (7:30-10PM time) 2. Set up on Tues. (1-3PM) 3. Clean up on Sun. (8:30-10AM) ii. Raffles will be conducted every evening at 9:00 PM – great prizes! iii. Two activities: “What does LOCAL mean to you?” & “Show where you grow” map iv. Nicole will send a reminder note to all volunteers with shift assignments and instructions.

b. Policy/Infrastructure (a.k.a. Nuts ‘n Bolts Group)

i. “Foodshed” Analysis being completed by Rhonda Janke and collaborators at Kansas State. Will share draft and sample graphs/maps with Council for feedback on content/format.

c. DIRT (land preservation) i. Travers City Field Trip: aiming for a mid-October trip, depends upon availability of interested parties. Interested in connecting to Michigan Good Food Network as part of field trip.

IV. Planning Department Action Items

Per our discussion last meeting, Eileen met with the Planning Department to discuss possible work plan items for the FPC.

a. Propose amendments to Horizon 2020 (via the County Commission): i. Suggested Chapters: 1. CHAPTER SEVEN - INDUSTRIAL AND EMPLOYMENT-RELATED LAND USE 2. CHAPTER TWELVE - ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ii. IDEA: infuse food system development language into these chapters iii. Present to County Commission – then they direct planning to incorporate amendments

b. Assist in the rewrite of Codes and Regulations: i. Currently, planning is re-writing codes and regs for: 1. A-1: Ag District 2. Goal: Ag district has become the “kitchen sink” where every type of development has been allowed. How do we revise that to preserve the rural character and keep it open for ag? 3. Action: Help with the definitions. They’re using ’66 definitions of greenhouse, ag-business, home occupations, etc. ACTION: Nuts ‘n Bolts group will tackle this, bring discussion items to August meeting for full Council discussion.

c. Presentation of the Food System Analysis document to the Planning Commission: i. This Fall, mid-month meeting (45 min presentation). ii. Council agreed, Eileen will schedule.

V. Nomination of new FPC members for appointment by County Commission:

a. Potential candidates in attendance offered a 2 min. introduction and their interest/experience in local foods issues. b. FPC members voted by ballot to recommend the following five candidates to the County Commission i. Education: Julie Henry, USD 348 ii. Food Security: Emily Hampton, Roger Hill Volunteer Center iii. Youth: Kim Scherman, KU Environs, “Our Local Food” intern iv. Retail Food: Constance Wolfe, Lawrence Originals Restaurants v. Chamber of Commerce: Frank Male, Lawrence Landscape

c. Next steps: The Commission will consider our recommendations (and the full list of candidates) to make appointments. Likely item for July 28th County Commission meeting. d. For August meeting: Discuss/review by-laws to determine if there is potential to include other nominees in Education category- Linda Cottin and Bryan Edie (due to close vote count).

VI. Election of Chair of Food Policy Council: a. Daniel Poull accepted nomination to serve as Chair of Food Policy Council (term: Aug. 2010-Aug. 2011) b. Council will consider nominations for Vice Chair at August meeting

Adjourn 9:15 PM

Next meeting: Monday, August 16th at Community Mercantile Co-op Dinner: 6:30 (each member pays for their own) Meeting: 7:00 (Merc provides ALAP snacks – As Local As Possible )


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