Notes from Food Policy Council meeting - June 21, 2010

Meeting Notes Douglas County Food Policy Council Monday, June 21, 2010 7-9:00 pm Douglas County Extension Office – 2110 Harper St.

Attendees: Dan Nagengast, Greg Shipe, Trudy Rice, Jim Fisher, Bill Wood, Tom Buller, Nicole Tichenor, Lori McMinn, Daniel Poull, Rita York, Clint Hornberger, Scott Allegrucci (chair). Staff: Eileen Horn. Facilitator: Jerry Jost, Guest presenter: Dan Warner, Metropolitan Planning Dept. I. Administrative Items:

a. Review/approval of 5/17 minutes i. Approval of 5/17 minutes moved by C. Hornberger and seconded by B. Wood. b. Food Policy Council Budget has been submitted to the County Commission. They will decide by August 15th. Requested amount = $6700 c. At the June 9th County Commission meeting, the FPC was officially established as an Advisory Council to the County Commission. d. WellCommons site (and FPC group’s role) discussed. Decision: Invite editor Jane Stevens to July meeting for presentation and tutorial.

II. Planning Dept. Presentation

a. Dan Warner, Long-Range Planner with the City/County Metropolitan Planning Dept. offered an overview of the planning process, with highlights of Chapter 16 of Horizon 2020 and the NE Sector Plan. b. Key points from presentation: i. Advisory Councils (and individuals) can: 1. Attend public meetings to receive info 2. Provide written comments/recommendations 3. Choose to testify on behalf of group (or as an individual) 4. Receive updates on planning documents and public meetings by signing up at: 5. Meet with the County Commission to discuss planning items 6. Present to the Planning Commission at their mid-month meetings (approx 45 min presentation)

III. Discussion of Food Policy Council’s Role:

a. Based upon the direction given by the County Commissioners at the June 9th CC meeting, and the information provided by the Planning Dept, the FPC has agreed to the following: i. Direct our advice and counsel to the County Commission. As much as possible, present this advice as serving the broader interests of our county and a diversity of farmers. ii. Encourage individuals to participate in Planning Dept. meetings, but NOT as official representatives of the FPC. Members will state “My work is informed by my engagement with the DG Co. Food Policy Council, but my comments tonight are as an individual…” iii. Should any planning related questions arise, members can ask Eileen to research and communicate with the Planning Dept.

b. The Food Policy Council’s scope of work was further refined through group discussion to include: i. Providing information to County Commissioners in advance of planning processes (in order to trigger a planning regulation or policy document). 1. Discussed merits of this approach: a. We are “for” something instead of being in opposition. b. We provide the credible information to the Commission to encourage them to direct the PC to act. c. We get in on the “ground floor” of a planning issue. 2. Example: Recommending that Horizon 2020 has a new chapter, entitled “Food” that looks at planning and food production, distribution, etc. ii. Study of existing regulations and policies with the “Local Foods Lens”. 1. Discussed merits of this approach: a. The FPC can review existing policies that prohibit producers from growing for the local market. b. The FPC can produce a list of suggested policy/regulation revisions that would create more friendly climate for local food producers, retailers and consumers. This document would be reviewed by partners (i.e. Farm Bureau, Kansas Rural Center, Corn Growers, etc. to show broad support and buy-in). 2. Example: The current zoning definition of a farm is 40 acres. In order to build an outbuilding, you must have at least 40 acres. If you farm say, 10 acres, you are prohibited from having a shed on your farm. This discourages smaller producers from achieving efficiency. iii. Next steps: 1. Eileen will contact Linda Finger, the County Planning Resource Coordinator to determine which codes/regs to start with. Will provide at July meeting.

IV. Membership Discussion: a. The following FPC member are stepping down from their roles on the Council: i. Scott Allegrucci (eff. June, 2010) ii. Jeannette Collier (eff. June, 2010) iii. Trudy Rice (eff. June 2010) iv. Nicole Tichenor (eff. June, 2010) v. Unfilled spots – 1 Retail representative, 1 education representative b. The FPC Agreed upon the following process to fill those spots: i. The FPC will collect a list of recommendations (done at June meeting) ii. Before July 19th, will discuss with prospective members. iii. July 19th: vote on recommended members to send to County Commission. c. Chair & Vice Chair Elections: i. Nominations were received for Chair position. ii. At July 19th, members will vote on a Chair. Nominee with most votes will become Chair, 2nd place nominee will become Vice-Chair.

V. Committee Reports

a. Education/Outreach (a.k.a. The Old McDonald Group)

i. Committee gave report on progress towards a booth at the DG County Fair. Educational booth will include interactive, educational elements to define local food systems, share facts about DG county local foods, and map where DG county producers can be found. ii. Booth will need to be staffed by FPC volunteers from 5 PM – 10 PM Tuesday, August 3rd- Saturday August 7th. iii. Please sign up with Nichole for a 2.5 hour time slot. She’ll send around a sign-up sheet via email.

b. Policy/Infrastructure (a.k.a. Nuts ‘n Bolts Group)

i. “Foodshed” Analysis being completed by Rhonda Janke and collaborators at Kansas State. Will bring updated outline and sample graphs/maps to July meeting. ii. Definition of “local” – Group will draw upon the County Fair booth responses to help inform this definition.

c. DIRT (land preservation) i. Travers City Field Trip: All but two positions are funded. The DIRT group is continuing to pursue grant opportunities and sponsorships. Please contact Lori McMinn with any ideas.

VI. Next meeting: Monday, July 19th at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. (room number TBA)

a. Topics: i. WellCommons Presentation ii. Each subcommittee should report on the relevant findings from Simran’s journalism class (as they relate to your subcommittee’s work) iii. Update on Foodshed analysis Document iv. Update from County Planning on regs/codes to study/revise v. From Eileen: List of policies that other Food Policy Councils are studying/revising/proposing. Adjourn

Next meeting: Monday, July 19th at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. (room A) Dinner: 6:30 Meeting: 7:00


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