What's are the goals of this group--just curious

Hi, It looks like Eileen Horn started this group, presumably as a member of the DCFPC, right? We have lots of things to participate in, that I'm aware of: the Rolling Prairie Farmer's alliance, various gardening clubs, a seed saver's exchange, the Farmer's market, the Community Mercantile Food coop, gardens at various schools, and the like. So I was wondering what you had in mind with this 'commons?" Some possibilities include, I suppose: -announcements of gardening club events -Farmer's Market schedules, and perhaps some profiles of producers? -What's in season and who locally is selling it (i.e. some grocers buy locally, so we could highlight that when it happens) -classes at the Merc, Douglas County Extension, JCCC sustainable farming certification, permaculture group, etc. about food growing, processing, storing and the like;

Are these kinds of things what you had in mind?

Or is this more specific to your organization's activities only? I'm certainly interested in such a group and am not familiar with the DCFPC other that what is posted in your sidebar.

Thanks for your time, Ken


ehorn 8 years, 3 months ago

Hi Ken-

The Food Policy Council is working with the County Commission to study and suggest policies to improve our county's food system - from production to distribution.

My hope with the group on WellCommons is to share our progress, resources, etc. with the wider community.

I'll be adding meeting agendas (they're open to the public), minutes, and the research that we generate.

Please let me know if you find it useful!

Thanks, Eileen

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