Food Policy Council Agenda- October 18, 2010

Douglas County Food Policy Council Monday, October 18, 5:30 PM dinner, 6:15 PM meeting Brenna and Mark Wulfkuhle’s Farm (198 N. 1250 Rd)

I. Administrative Tasks (led by Eileen & Daniel) – 6:15 a. Determination of quorum of members, accept agenda b. Approval of Sept. 20th meeting minutes c. Update on USDA Community Food Grant, Douglas County Community Foundation (Eileen and ad-hoc committee) d. Budget update: $2200 remaining through 2010

II. Guest Presentation, Carolyn Ward, Planning Director, ECKAN – 6:30 Topic: Food insecurity in our County and policy options for food access

III. Food System Study Update – Eileen – 6:50 a. Timeline Review b. List of processors to contact c. Discussion of final format for report, fact sheets, presentations

IV. Farm Tour plans – 7:00 – Education and DIRT committees a. Friday, November 12, 7:00AM – 12:00PM b. Review proposal and event invitation c. Discussion of proposed luncheon activities (i.e. panel discussion, small groups)

V. Committee Reports a. Education/Outreach Subcommittee – 7:15 b. Land Preservation Subcommittee – DIRT – 7:25 c. Policy/Infrastructure Subcommittee – NUTS & BOLTS– 7:35 i. Discussion: What is our definition of “local”?

VI. Council members’ updates – 7:55 a. What are relevant events/efforts that other members should know about?

VII. Next steps b. Suggestions for topics at November meeting (Food system update from R. Janke) c. Next meeting date: November 15, 7:00 PM United Way Building (2518 Ridge Ct, few blocks east of 25th and Iowa) d. December Meeting date CHANGE: Dec. 13th
e. WellCommons post schedule reminder

VIII. Adjourn 8:15


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