Notes from Food Policy Council meeting - October 18, 2010

Meeting Notes: Douglas County Food Policy Council Monday, October 18, 2010 6:15-8:15 PM Rocking H Ranch (Berryton, KS)

Attendees: Brenna Wulfkuhle, Lori McMinn, Jim Fischer, Rick Martin, Julie Henry, John Wilson, Dan Nagengast, Daniel Poull, Tom Buller, Constance Wolfe, Kim Scherman, Frank Male, Barbara Clark, Clint Hornberger Absent: Boog Highberger, Bill Wood, Debbie Miers, Rita York, Greg Shipe, Emily Hampton Staff: Eileen Horn Guest presenter: Carolyn Ward, Exec. Director ECKAN Visitors: Commissioner Jim Flory I. Administrative Items: a. With 14/20 members in attendance, a quorum was reached. b. Approval of Sept. 20th minutes - moved J. Wilson, seconded B. Wulfkuhle c. USDA Community Food Grant Report from ad-hoc committee: The committee decided not to apply for the grant at this time, as we are unprepared to administer the requirements of the grant today. However, we will look to partner for a 2011 application. The Douglas County Community Foundation’s LiveWell granting program will enter another funding round in Spring 2011. They welcome proposals that address these four goals, and are focused on education (rather than direct advocacy). d. Budget update: $2200 remaining through 2010 e. Next month: consider purchase of an online subscription to the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development for $36/yr. Free inaugural issue here.

II. Guest Presentation, Carolyn Ward, ECKAN a. Carolyn presented an overview of ECKAN’s Just Food program, Douglas County’s food bank (located at 11th and Haskell) b. Presentation key points: i. Just Food serves 504 families/month (approx 1500 individuals) ii. Has noticed a nine-fold increase in demand since recession and opening of new facility with expanded storage and handling facilities iii. The jobless recovery will likely last until 2014, with food banks around the nation experiencing 20-40% increases in need for services iv. 1 in 7 families in US are in poverty v. 25% of Douglas County is currently at 100% of poverty level vi. Just Food accepts donated extras from the Lawrence Farmers Market vii. How can the FPC help? 1. Resources – financial support goes a long way, $1 = 10 lbs of food 2. Connect donations from local growers/grocers, etc 3. Volunteering and coordinating food drives

III. Food System Study Update: a. Still on track for end of 2010 timeline for report completion b. Ruth needs assistance contacting processors, please let Eileen know if you are available to assist, making calls to ask basic interview questions. c. Title options discussed: i. Douglas County Food System Report “Getting to the Root of the Matter” ii. “Building a deep-rooted local food system” A Report of the Douglas County Food Policy Council

d. Final format for report discussion: i. Emphasis on a succinct executive summary and informative graphics such as the ones produced by visual economics and this UMKC Study. ii. Consider calendars, posters, or options to engage the art community –rather than creating static brochures that no one uses.

IV. Farm Tour Plans a. Friday, November 12th 7 AM – 2 PM

b. Brenna and Lori provided an overview of the Farm Tour goals and intended audience: Audience: DG County FPC, City/County staff and Commissioners Goal: To connect decision-makers with the landscapes and agricultural diversity of our County. Educational Themes: - History of agriculture in DG County - Current methods of agricultural production - How soil types and water quantity impact production practices - Policy tools to support agriculture, improve County residents’ access to locally-produced foods

Elements of Tour: - ½ day tour of working farms in Douglas County: o conventional crop rotations o rangeland management o dairy production o horticulture o agritourism

Deliverables: - Decision-makers have increased awareness of diversity of agriculture in DG County. - Decision-makers hear directly from producers about their experiences, plans for future. c. Motion to approve budget of $425 for Farm Tour (includes bus gas reimbursement, snacks, coffee, catered lunch at Pendleton’s) moved D Nagengast, seconded J Wilson.

V. Committee Reports

a. Education/Outreach Committee: Posted “what is local” definitions to WellCommons, collaborated with DIRT on Farm Tour plans, reported on Our Local Foods Fest event.

b. Land Preservation Committee: Posted “Don’t Get the Drift” WellCommons post about 2,4D, looking for Iowa site for next year’s tour, collaborated with Education Committee on Farm Tour plans.

c. Policy& Infrastructure Committee: Reported on the Wisconsin SARE conference, highlighted the various definitions of “local.” Committee will continue to research “local” definitions to bring to full Council for consideration.

VI. Councilmembers’ Event/Grant updates:

a. The Free State H.S. community garden groundbreaking is November 4th, and a FSHS garden community forum is scheduled for November 10th 5:30-7:00 at the high school.
b. Tenants to Homeowners is looking for board members who have an interest in housing and local food – suggestions? c. Eileen is traveling to Iowa Oct. 25-27, and will meet with local foods policy groups. Will generate a report to FPC. d. Kim and the KU Environs local food group need support in convincing the administration to bring more local foods into existing foodservice contract.

VII. Next Steps:

a. Suggestions for topics at November meeting (Food system update from R. Janke, debrief of Food Security Coalition conference-Rita and Emily, debrief of Nov. 12 Farm Tour) b. Next meeting date: November 15, 7:00 PM United Way Building (2518 Ridge Ct, few blocks east of 25th and Iowa) c. December Meeting date CHANGE: Dec. 13th (location TBD) a. WellCommons post schedule reminder

Adjourn 8:15 PM


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