Notes from Food Policy Council meeting - September 20, 2010

Meeting Notes: Douglas County Food Policy Council Monday, September 20, 2010 7:00-9:00 PM Fire Station #5

Attendees: Brenna Wulfkuhle, Lori McMinn, Greg Shipe, Rita York, Jim Fischer, Rick Martin, Debbie Miers, Julie Henry, Bill Wood, Emily Hampton, John Wilson, Dan Nagengast, Daniel Poull, Tom Buller Absent: Boog Highberger, Barbara Clark, Clint Hornberger, Constance Wolfe, Frank Male, Kim Scherman Staff: Eileen Horn Guest presenters: Ruth Gibson, KSU, Rebecca Buford, Tenants to Homeowners Visitors: four (including Commission Chair Nancy Thellman) I. Administrative Items:

a. With 14/20 members in attendance, a quorum was reached. b. Daniel reminded all to commit to attendance when possible. Please contact Daniel if a conflict arises (785) 393-0364 c. Approval 8.16 minutes: with change “prevent” to “present” moved by D. Miers, second by J. Wilson d. Venue for October 18th meeting: Brenna and Mark Wulfkuhle’s farm e. All subcommittees are posting monthly to WellCommons f. Three FPC members are currently serving on the Our Local Food event planning committee with Mercedes Taylor-Puckett. D Miers will follow up with Mercedes. g. Hunger Free Community Grant letter of support – accepted – moved by B. Wood, second by D. Nagengast h. Community Food Grant Opportunity: Dan Nagengast, Daniel Poull, Emily Hampton, and Eileen will form ad-hoc committee to draft application for full Council review

II. Councilmembers’ Event/Grant updates:

a. John: looking for a group of students, ages 15-17 to pilot a health activism educational program – can be faith-based or school-based groups of students. b. Eileen: The Free State H.S. community garden is soliciting board members. Please email Eileen with suggestions of potential members. c. Greg: Update on the Eudora sandpit proposal. d. Lori : the planning commission is considering the NE Sector Plan tonight. e. Dan: a group of NE Kansas representatives are going to Madison, WI next week for SARE’s “scaling up team” to learn how to scale up local food production. The USDA Rural Dev. is very interested in a NE Kansas project. f. Julie: The Kansas Dept. of Education is offering tools and guidance on local foods in cafeterias. More coming! g. Rick: October 1st (Liberty Hall) – Free State, the Merc and others are collaborating on a celebration of local foods. 6- 9 PM, Liberty Hall. h. Emily: The Success by Six coalition is submitting a proposal to the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund for a partnership between CSAs and childcare homes. i. Rita: Emily and Rita are attending the Food Security Coalition conference in New Orleans, will miss October meeting, but provide report in November. j. Brenna: Be careful driving right now – have patience with farm equipment on the roads.

III. Tenants to Homeowners Presentation, Rebecca Buford

a. Key points from presentation: i. Tenants to Homeowners is a nonprofit Community Housing Development Organization that serves Lawrence. ii. The Lawrence Community Housing Trust lowers the purchase price for those who are otherwise qualified - with good credit, low debt and savings for a mortgage loan - but whose incomes aren't quite high enough for the Lawrence market. In exchange, these new homeowners agree that when they resell, they sell at a formula price that allows them to earn equity while keeping the home affordable for the next buyer. iii. Rebecca shared the model of Troy Gardens in Madison, WI. iv. On 31-acres of urban property, Troy Gardens integrates mixed-income green-built housing, community gardens, an organic farm, and restored prairie and woodlands. v. Questions posed to the Council for discussion: • How do we grow our own food in an urban setting? • How do we create sustainable affordable housing? • How do we ensure families have access to fresh food near where they live? • How do we ensure that housing supports a sustainable neighborhood and lifestyle? • How do we build deep-rooted community?

b. Next Steps: Rebecca will collaborate with the DIRT committee and Eileen to further develop the idea and determine the Food Policy Council’s role.

IV. Food System Report Presentation, Ruth Gibson, KSU

a. Key Points from Presentation: Ruth reviewed study timeline and outline. i. Chapters 1-3 are almost complete, 4-5 in drafting stages, 6 & 7 coming soon. ii. Update: Chapter 7 will be divided into 7A and 7B: 1. Section 7A will provide best practices, case studies, examples of work of other food policy councils (with similar context to DG County) 2. Section 7B will be specific policy recommendations from the Food Policy Council, based upon the barriers/opportunities identified in the Report.

b. Next Steps: Ruth is working on Chapter 5, and having a difficult time tracking local food dollars spent. She will send out a list of local food processors, restaurants, etc. to the full Council. If any Councilmembers know these folks, they will assist Ruth with the data collection and contact. The Council brainstormed a list of community organizations to contact to receive presentations. Eileen will follow-up.

V. Committee Reports

a. Education/Outreach

i. The Committee is working on a plan to recruit a cadre of volunteers to staff FPC booths at events. These volunteers would be trained, and would provide information on the FPC’s work. ii. They are compiling a calendar of relevant events for the FPC to be present at. iii. Our Local Food Fest: Committee asked full Council to approve hosting a booth at the OLF on Oct. 1st. Moved by J Wilson, seconded by R York, approved. iv. Plan for the “What is Local?” definitions: Education subcommittee will post a representative sample on WellCommons to spur discussion. v. Tour of the County (audience: FPC members). Brenna offered their bus and to organize a tour of the County’s agricultural landscapes, with historical perspectives and guest speakers. Tentative date: November. Details coming soon.

b. Policy/Infrastructure (a.k.a. Nuts ‘n Bolts Group)

i. Is working with the planning department to revise definitions in the A-1 agricultural district. This involves interviewing DG County producers about their experiences with zoning/codes – to ID any barriers to producing local food. ii. Has reviewed Chs 2 & 3 of the Food System Report. iii. Is working on an “Assessment” of the local food knowledge in our community – not an official study, but a who’s who document to be sure we’re working in concert with partner organizations.

c. DIRT (land preservation) i. Charter: The DIRT group has created a charter to organize their work and focus on “deliverables” – shared with group for other committees to use in planning their activities. ii. Field Trip: Postponed. Committee is reorganizing this effort to focus on a site that would more accurately mirror Douglas County’s assets and challenges (potentially Iowa community). iii. L McMinn suggested reallocating the $1600 budget previously voted on by the Council and set aside for the Field Trip. These funds will now be available to support the research, design, and printing of the Food System Report. Moved by B Wood, seconded D Miers – passed.

VI. Next Steps:

a. October 18th meeting 5:30 PM at Brenna and Mark Wulfkuhle’s farm (198 N. 1250 Rd). Council will organize carpool at 5:00 PM from the Courthouse lot. b. November 15th meeting will be hosted by United Way. c. December meeting date CHANGED to Dec. 13 (to avoid holiday travel conflicts).

Adjourn 9:15 PM


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