Food Policy Council Agenda - September 20, 2010

Douglas County Food Policy Council Monday, September 20, 7:00 PM Fire Station #5 (19th and Stewart)

I. Administrative Tasks (led by Eileen & Daniel) – 7:00 a. Determination of quorum of members b. Approval of 8/16 meeting minutes, agenda c. Venue for October meeting d. WellCommons post schedule reminder i. Each subcommittee will add “Wellcommons post discussion” to their monthly subcommittee meeting agendas. ii. Each subcommittee will post one relevant item/month to Wellcommons as their contribution. Posts can be project updates, announcements of FPC educational events, relevant articles, etc. e. Follow up to Mercedes Taylor-Puckett’s presentation last month: i. Would a committee volunteer to draft a letter for collaboration on grants?
ii. Seat on the planning committee for OLF networking events. “speed dating” f. Community Food Grant Opportunity

II. Council members’ updates – 7:25 a. What are relevant events/efforts that other members should know about?

III. Guest Presentation, Rebecca Buford, Executive Director, Tenants to Homeowners – 7:40

IV. Douglas County Food System Study – Ruth Gibson, K-State - 8:00 a. Ruth will review study timeline, progress to date b. Q&A, feedback from council members a. Chapter review assignments: i. Nuts and Bolts: 2,3,5 ii. Dirt: 4, 6 iii. All: chapter 7 – policy and recommended next steps – potential for this to be a 7A and 7B?

V. Committee Reports a. Education/Outreach Subcommittee – 8:25 b. Policy/Infrastructure Subcommittee – NUTS & BOLTS– 8:35 c. Land Preservation Subcommittee – DIRT – 8:45

VI. Next steps a. Suggestions for topics at October meeting b. Next meeting date: October 18, 7:00 PM c. Sign up for hosting: November and December?

VII. Adjourn 9:00


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