Veggie Party!

On October 24th, the Full Circle Youth Program hosted a Produce for Kids Veggie Party for our youth and their families. Twenty participants, including youth ranging in age from five to sixteen and some parents, attended and had a great time creating edible art, enjoying a healthy snack, playing Veggie Bingo and other interactive and educational games. As a part of our health initiative, our youth program had planted and maintained a vegetable garden known as the ZOMBIE Patch earlier in the year. We used harvested vegetables and a variety of other produce to center youth learning about healthy ingredients, snacks and portions.

We started the party by creating edible art. Participants created veggie puppets, pretzel cabins, vegetable landscapes and marzipan sculptures. While snacking on their creations, everyone enjoyed a game of Veggie Bingo where youth practiced identifying vegetables and matching the produce called out to the picture on their bingo card. Youth were asked to identify several different types of fruits and vegetables varying in size, weight, texture and shape. Youth won prizes for Veggie Bingo and snacked on fruit smoothies with real fruit and 100% fruit juice. Everyone that came had a great time and left more knowledgeable about fruits, vegetables and thanks to our ZOMBIE Patch, youth are more informed on the process of growing produce.

The Full Circle Youth Program would like to thank Juice Stop for their generous donation and help in making this event a success!

Youth creating veggie puppets, playing veggie bingo and excited about their prizes!

Youth creating veggie puppets, playing veggie bingo and excited about their prizes! by DouglasCountyHousing

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Karrey Britt 5 years, 10 months ago

This is fantastic! In Douglas County, 86 percent of adults consume less than the recommended five servings per day of fruits and veggies. Let's hope these kids can have a healthy impact at home.

Chris Lempa 5 years, 10 months ago

@Marilyn - It sure was! My favorite part was the edible art.

@Karrey - That is such a scary statistic. I hope that this event did something to reverse that trend. I'm reminded of by favorite Haitian provern, "little by little we get things done."

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